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What they're saying... love notes.

" The 1 to 1 sessions with you created a safe, caring space to share, to heal, to align allowing me to stretch towards the light, the beautiful warm glow of my higher self. You are a skilled and intuitive guide, you are a natural healer of humans, of our broken, shattered and raw selves. 


With your guidance I was able for the first time in my life to unjudge myself from myself, accepting my thoughts, feelings and emotions, embracing the ugly and painful ones as part of me, of my core. I'm ok at being perfectly imperfect but you have taught me, yes dear Anastasia you are a gifted teacher, to pulse with gentle, satisfying pride for "I am that I am:" absolutely beautiful and worth loving. 


Delving deep and digging dirty, the one to one sessions with Anastasia are a safe hold, a tight hand in hand, a communion of one with one. My me is steadier, more vital and vibrant as result of clearing, reorganising, un-committing, deleting, accepting and acting--and my heart, where I know love nests, grew strong; it grew bigger and has been filled to its maximum capacity with gratitude and gladness at the gift of life, of breath, of being one intunned with the energy of AUM.


I plan to keep growing, plan to keep digging deep and getting dirty with you dear Anastasia. "

~ Deirdre, Germany.

"Anastasia is a very gifted teacher. The classes are extremely diverse, very well explained and I always feel safe. There also is a realness that I love, no denying of the sometimes messy side of life. But an invitation to embrace it all + tools on how to navigate. Anastasia’s presence and guidance even virtually are encouraging for me and her dedication to the work is an inspiration. I keep coming back to the practice because it makes a difference. I cannot pinpoint and everyone’s experience is unique but there is something happening, something shifting every time I commit to classes. Some days it’s physical heaviness, some days it’s emotions I wasn’t even aware of, some days it’s my mental state that shifts. Do the work- it’s worth it!"

~ Katie, Sydney.

" I am shocked at how much tension I unconsciously carry around within my body. It first became apparent when I finished one of your classes & floated out of the room, haha. I work within health and have been living in fight or flight mode for way too long! All these things I am learning feels positive to put my own wellbeing first for a change.

Thank you for providing a comfortable, safe space to practice this. You are an incredible teacher! Your words are reassuring & so relevant to all the craziness happening around us right now. When everything feels so out of our control it's nice to find a space to be centered &  block out some of that surrounding noise."

~ Anna, Sydney.

" I’m so grateful for the experience of Anastasia’s classes and programs and guiding me through powerful breathwork and yoga, evoking experiences of focus, strength, release & peace. Her love of sharing and deep knowledge & wisdom is enriching and adds to long term benefits of self-development and greater consciousness."

~ Jenni, Byron Bay.

" I’ve been doing Anastasia’s classes weekly for the last six months and they have transformed my weeks, my weekends, my state of mind and my very being. Each class feels like a doorway into a different state of consciousness… a deeply nourishing way to step out of time and connect with myself and with Source."

~ Tamsin, Singapore.

" When I lived in Sydney I used to practice yoga and meditation with Anastasia, and now living in the UK, I am so happy to be able to participate in her online classes! Every single class is a life changer, for the better. It always creates a feeling of aliveness and wellbeing within me. I love it. Anastasia has evidently dedicated her life to this work and it’s a joy to be in such skilled and masterful hands. Go on, try it yourself!"

~ Maria Carin Gala, London.

" Anastasia is very intuitive, straight forward, able to see around corners that you might ever have had the courage to see and once you take that leap of faith everything changes. The MOMENTUM program has brought me tons of changes in all the areas of my life not only professionally as it was my focus at the beginning of the program, also personally."

~ Bisila, NYC.

Anastasia is a miracle worker. She has taught me how to breathe and be present in my life again. I have tried all of the things western and eastern medicine has to offer and can honestly say Anastasia's support has been the most transformative and healing. She has taught me what deep self-nourishment feels like and the tools and practices to feel peace. She has also challenged me to make the changes necessary to living a better life and held me accountable to my goals. After many years of struggling and feeling stuck, I feel calm, confident, and excited about the future. I love the community she has introduced me to and am incredibly grateful for the group mentoring and one on one healing.

~ Vicky, Kiama Australia.

"Anastasia’s online classes and programs are what keeps me grounded in a sea of chaos, gives me strength in moments of doubt, stills my being, and allows me to connect with me on a deep and loving level. It also gets me moving, moving my body sometimes in the most gentle of ways, and sometimes in super active ways, and somehow, as if by magic, each class is exactly what was needed in that moment in time. Plus, the recording allows me to experience all of this again and never miss a class."

~ Vicki, Hong Kong

"My weekly yoga and meditation practice with Anastasia is essential. Living in NY, I have great choices and am grateful to have access to them. But I choose to connect with Anastasia's classes, live from Sydney for a very good reason: they resonate with me at a deeper level and equip me with what I need to meet my goals. Anastasia embodies the best approach to wellness I've seen in the past 15 years. She is a natural who does not take her skills and gifts for granted. She consistently transforms herself and her practice, incorporating meaningful knowledge and sharing techniques that are most relevant in navigating today's challenges with grace. Anastasia's classes and her mentoring have become essential in my wellness tool box.


Working with her 1-1 mentorship is a truly transformational the most refreshing, authentic and committed mentor one could ever ask for, Anastasia Williams. It was by far the best investment I've made in self-development and enabled me to navigate this year's challenges with more confidence and grace. But most importantly, it helped me re-align with my vision and purpose and create a platform for growth."

~ Gisela, NYC.

" Anastasia Williams is no ordinary yoga teacher, she masterfully combines breath, mudra, posture and chanting meditation that aligns your whole being: nervous system-body-mind. She is one of few yoga teachers in my 20 years experience that truly inspires me. She weaves her wisdom into the class that seeds true inner strength in each student. I have felt my own resilience and attitude shift layer by layer with the assistance of her Yoga classes. As a coach Anastasia intuitively knows just the right moment to request (stretch!) me to complete tasks out of my comfort zone and I'm grateful to say that with her help I have achieved in this past few weeks what I have avoided for 7 years!! I am incredibly grateful."


~ Briony ,Sydney.

" When Anastasia takes over at the end of my 60+ student class and begins teaching breath and/or sound practices, her devotion and skill are both downright impressive. She is a gifted healer, a creative teacher, and the perfect guide to our hearts."

~ Elena Brower, Yoga teacher, NYC.

​" Anastasia is a wonderful teacher, in fact one of the best I have ever encountered in all my years of yoga. Strong, yet sensitive. Insightful and inspiring. Thoughtful and knowledgeable. I always walk away feeling very empowered after one of her classes. "

~ Akila Berjaoui, Photographer. Europe.

" For me the take on Yoga Anastasia shares is a fantastic tool to reinforce the importance of my inner sense of peace and well-being and a wonderful reminder of the vastness we are so blessed to live in every single moment! Anastasia's teachings speak of the truth without fuss but with a sense of love, hope, laughter and empathy: so much needed in the world we live in today. I am in consistently in a beautiful state of gratitude for such sharing. Thanking you from the depth of my heart! "

~ Irene Marcari​, Sydney.

Anastasia is a unique gift. I am generally skeptical of various healing practices, but when I arrived for my first session with Anastasia, I was immediately comforted, felt safe, and let my guard down, eager to let her work on fixing me up, I left feeling supported and stronger. She is a mother to everyone who is blessed to be in her presence.”

~ Sarma Melngailis, NYC.

" I recently had a series of seven Harmonyum healing treatments with Anastasia, which were so deeply relaxing and helped open the doors to rapid transformation in my life. I have always greatly admired her commitment and courage, she approaches all her endeavors with beauty, depth, and conscious awareness. She has so many tools and much wisdom to share!"

~ Renee Skuba, NYC.

" As a participant of Anastasia's classes, I have felt my heart open widely. Through Harmonyum sessions and a consciously planned home program, this helped me plant the seeds that would be deeply nourished through love and light, and I've seen my life shift beautifully. She is a beautiful spirit with a mission as a healer."

~ Mia Santos Andres, LA.

" It has been 2 months practicing Yoga with Anastasia 3 times a week. After trying many other yoga practices in the past and never really connecting with any until now... Finally a yoga that I feel excited about! I fell in LOVE instantly! It has helped my health immensely, my energy levels had been low for over a year and I was beginning to accept it. Since practicing I have noticed huge changes in my life, I feel grounded, my health and energy levels are fantastic. I feel so grateful to Anastasia for her teaching and support and reminding us the importance of loving ourselves. These practices work on my whole being and teaches me more about the universe within me and around me!!! "

~ Lily Duffy, Sydney, 




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