" Anastasia Williams is no ordinary yoga teacher, she masterfully combines breath, mudra, posture and chanting meditation that aligns your whole being: nervous system-body-mind. She is one of few yoga teachers in my 20 years experience that truly inspires me. She weaves her wisdom into the class that seeds true inner strength in each student. I have felt my own resilience and attitude shift layer by layer with the assistance of her Naam Yoga classes. "


Briony Pilkington

Sydney, Australia.

"When Anastasia takes over at the end of my 60+ student class and begins teaching breath and/or sound practices, her devotion and skill are both downright impressive. She is a gifted healer, a creative teacher, and the perfect guide to our hearts."

Elena Brower
Certified Yoga teacher.
Founder/Co-owner of VIRAYOGA, NYC

​" Anastasia is a wonderful teacher, in fact one of the best I have ever encountered in all my years of yoga. Strong, yet sensitive. Insightful and inspiring. Thoughtful and knowledgeable. I always walk away feeling very empowered after one of her classes. "

Akila Berjaoui.

Photographer. Sydney, Australia.

“Anastasia is a unique gift. I am generally skeptical of various healing practices, but when I arrived for my first session with Anastasia, I was immediately comforted, felt safe, and let my guard down, eager to let her work on fixing me up, I left feeling supported and stronger. She is a mother to everyone who is blessed to be in her presence.”

Sarma Melngailis
Founder and CEO, One Lucky Duck
Co-founder/Owner, Pure Food and Wine, NYC

" For me Naam Yoga is a fantastic tool to reinforce the importance of my inner sense of peace and well-being and a wonderful reminder of the vastness we are so blessed to live in every single moment! Anastasia's teachings speak of the truth without fuss but with a sense of love, hope, laughter and empathy: so much needed in the world we live in today. I am in consistently in a beautiful state of gratitude for such sharing. Thanking you from the depth of my heart! "

Irene Marcari

Aromatherapy and Massage Therapist. Sydney, Australia.

" As a participant of Anastasia's classes, I have felt my heart open widely. Through Harmonyum sessions and a consciously planned home program, this helped me plant the seeds that would be deeply nourished through love and light, and I've seen my life shift beautifully. She is a beautiful spirit with a mission as a healer."

Mia Santos Andres
Lifestyle & Feng Shui Designer, The Beauty of Conscious Living.
Director of Communications and Events, Organic Avenue, NYC

" I recently had a series of seven Harmonyum healing treatments with Anastasia, which were so deeply relaxing and helped open the doors to rapid transformation in my life. I have always greatly admired her commitment and courage, she approaches all her endeavors with beauty, depth, and conscious awareness. She has so many tools and much wisdom to share!"

Renee Skuba
Graphic Designer, Yoga Teacher, Singer, Mother. NYC

" It has been 2 months practicing Naam Yoga 3 times a week. After trying many other yoga practices in the past and never really connecting with any until Naam... Finally a yoga that I feel excited about! I fell in LOVE instantly! Naam yoga has helped my health immensely, my energy levels had been low for over a year and I was beginning to accept it. Since practicing Naam I have noticed huge changes in my life, I feel grounded, my health and energy levels are fantastic. I feel so grateful to Anastasia for her teaching and support and reminding us the importance of loving ourselves. Naam works on my whole being and teaches me more about the universe within me and around me!!! "

Lily Duffy

Sydney, Australia.