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connected 2024


Join me for a potent monthly gathering and ritual to stay connected and expansive. intuitive and nourished, soft, open, receptive and magnetic. An online offering for the global family.


Aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious desires, to aligning yourself to possibility, potential, permission, and presence towards your intentions and dreams throughout your whole year.

The first Sunday of each month.


Working with the four pillars of presence,

possibility, potential and permission.

A 2hr gathering & ritual once a month. This is time and space each month to inspire and transform, to access your creative life force, to embody your magnificence, and return to your true innate potential. 

We will work with shifting our energy and capacity to expand into new frequencies, with the support of movement, meditation, breathwork, journaling, affirmation, rituals  and intentions that set you up for each month. This will look and feel different each month and for everyone as we all continue to blossom, bloom and move in unique ways and journey through our personal and individual directions.

We will breathe, move, meditate, journal, use various ritual practices, and more magical practices and leave feeling super loved up every month.

It is time to recreate, refresh, reset your ways? Recommit to your supportive practices and come together to receive support and your own inner wisdom in the company of soulful humans.We will work with the same collective governing theme and frequencies each month, please see below our list. Each ritual 

This Connected 2024 Mentorship will support you along your journey, to be a place to rest and re-CONNECT, for you to come home to yourself in intentional ways each month and harvest the wisdom from your life experiences. To support the ongoing unfolding of your year.

CONNECTED 2023 was such a gorgeously nourishing journey. It gave each month a

sense of intention, and an anchor-point to work with. The wisdom of each word infused every month. Anastasia, you guided us with such grace. I loved this opportunity to

connect with ourselves and to transmute our connection with each of the words

that came through for us. ~ Tamsin.

The 12 frequencies/themes we will work with.

January: Worth

February: Magnetism

March: Abundance

April: Compassion

May: Intuition

June: Love

July: Empower

August: Harmony

September: Permission

October: Treasure

November: Steadiness

December: Connected

CONNECTED 2023 was exactly that. I connected with myself in ways that surprised, ways that brought joy, courage and life long change. There was so much incredible value in having a monthly word to align with and a personalized mantra. I love everything Anastasia does and am excited to join Connected 2024. ~ Vicki.

Stay Connected & Supported all of 2024.

Join me in this 12-month mentorship ship for only $39* per month or 

$428 annual, (save one month for free) or

2 Paymenst of $220 (save $28 in total)

For a year of ongoing connection, intention, transformation, beauty, magnificence, expansiveness, and magic.. WE are in this together.

Each monthly ritual will be recorded for you to watch the replay if you are unable to attend live. 

***Each month will come with an optional short daily meditation to support your journey.

Call Dates

12 x Monthly Calls
10am Sundays - 2hrs

Sunday 07 January 
Sunday 04 February
Sunday 03 March 
Sunday 07 April
Sunday 05 May
Sunday 02 June
Sunday 07 July
Sunday 04 August
Sunday 01 September
Sunday 06 October
Sunday 03 November

Sunday 01 December

Please note: when you sign up for the mentorship you commit to 12 x monthly payments of $39 AUD

or $428 AUD one-off annual mentorship. The Annual payment saves you one month payment.

Or 2 payments of $220 a total saving of $28

Sydney Sunday 10am
NZ Sunday 12noon
HK & Singapore Sunday 7am
London: Saturday 11pm
NYC: Saturday 6pm

As this will be a global community once we are all set I will look at the cross-section of time zones and propose an alternating time so it's not always evening in your time zone. That being said its quite beautiful to do the ritual and hop into bed and allow it to work through your realms.

Thank you for guiding us through this journey of discovery and alignment through consistency and trust. I feel I benefited immensely! I look forward to 2024 keeping the momentum building on the current state of contentedness towards a deeper one. ~ Gisela.

CONNECTED 2023 was a beautiful reminder to be present and aware of my daily state and energy each morning and come back to center. Anastasia held a beautiful safe and loving space for us to BE and FEEL what we needed. Each month’s frequency provided a loving supportive platform for inner growth and honour. Such a beautiful way to honour one’s own journey whilst being Connected to the loving supportive energy of the group. ~ Vicki.

I am very excited to share this work and experience with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. EMAIL NOW.

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