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Naam Yoga is an alchemy: merging the science of NAAM/divine word-sound with the science of yoga, breath, mudra/hand therapy and rhythmic movement with the science of Universal Kabbalah and eastern energetic parctices. Providing an awakened sense and understanding of yourself: an uplifted and aligned mind meets radiant and vital physical health. Ultimately, through knowledge of self, we master self, and by the improvement of self we improve humankind.

A technology that simultaneously awakens the intelligence of the mind, heart, body and soul: it profoundly purifies, stimulates and strengthens all of the bodily systems increasing awareness and consciousness, allowing us to better direct our behavior, our choices, our relationships, and our lives.

Naam Yoga is both rejuvenating and invigorating. Invite greater flow, success and peacefulness into your life: open your heart and live your greatness NOW with NAAM YOGA.

Naam Yoga is a living science that continues to evolve and expand its capacity to serve us. This comprehensive and unique work was founded by Dr Joseph Michael Levry, Gurunam: A body of work that raises us above our limitations: providing the insight, stamina and courage to live gracefully in life. A beautiful life is created as you transform your being and environment with the strength, wisdom and virtue that is Naam Yoga. A science of very practical tools with which to receive and live in our modern lives with supported, inspired and vital mental and physical health.

Through Jaap, the repetition of sacred sounds, you rebuild your brain neurons in a way that enhances and increases your projective, protective and intuitive intelligence. This in turn supports one to change unhealthful habits and cut through the dramas that we self create, moving us to the heart of the matter, the heart of life, creating internal unity leading to a more unified life.

Through the consistent application of Naam Yoga and Meditation each individual will organically experience the presence of grace, radiance, health and unity in ones life. Naam Yoga will awaken the sun within you, giving you the radiance, warmth, truth and wisdom to light your entire universe.

Anastasia designs a practice that is specific to personal, health and professional needs and goals and for a length of time that is able to be met by each individual.

Private and group classes available.

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