Now more than ever we need to nourish and nurture our: body, mind, heart, emotions, energy, consciousness and soul. This is why I have created RISE, a platform for us to awaken, learn and love together.


This space will utilise a wealth of knowledge, tools and techniques traversing yogic wisdom and practices, self-development strategies, simple and effective self-healing tools and meditative journeys.


Use the offerings in this space to repeatedly reset, fortify and elevate, to quieten, soften and restore.


We are launching with 10 videos.

A mix of breath work, meditation, movement and self development strategies.

Access to this space is through subscription only.

This space is password protected.

Through signing up at the link below you will be sent an email with all the details on how to access the videos including the password.


Each week 4 new videos will be uploaded.

1 breath

1 meditation

1 yoga

1 self development


From April 24 until May 10th access to this space and community will be FREE.

From May 11th ongoing access is through he following options.



3 Monthly

Sign up for a monthly or 3 monthly subscription you will become part of the  community. Gaining FREE access to the fortnightly group coaching call where you get to bring your questions and be coached live. This kind of space is a game changer.