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In this group practice we will renew our energy towards the new season: towards thriving, expanded consciousness, collective healing and joy!

Synchronise and Strengthen yourself and your energy. Let go of the old, embrace the present and steady your focus towards the new. Using the energetic marker of this Solstice to rejuvenate, elevate and inspire your entire wellbeing.


A beautiful, deep journey of Rejuvenating Breath Work, Revitalizing Movement, Uplifting and Elevating Meditation using Sacred Sound and Mantra to Align your Soul and ignite the fire within towards the new season. 

Merge with an incredible wave of generous LOVE and uplifted INTENTION.

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 10.50.11 am.png

MONDAY DECEMBER 19th, 6:30-8:30pm aest

This is one of the most powerful ways to reset your energy for the new season ahead.


The Equinox and Solstice days are the four most powerful days of our year to reactivate, inspire and strengthen the healing and creative forces in every aspect of our lives. When we come together (even virtually) we build collective energy for the whole of humanity. We align, intend and rise together


Strengthen Your Vitality• Empower your Heart. 

Say Yes to Your Magnificence.

SYDNEY: MONDAY December 19th 6:30pm
HONG KONG & SINGAPORE: MONDAY December 19th 3:30pm
NEW ZEALAND: MONDAY December 19th 8:30pm
LONDON/EUROPE: MONDAY December 19th  7:30am/8:30am
NYC: MONDAY December 19th 2:30am






Amplify your Healing, Abundance and Longevity.

Fully recharge your Magnetic Field with Radiance, Love, and Purpose.

$37 AUD live streaming or pay as you choose below.

+ access to recording following.

PAY what you choose options.





No experience is necessary.  Please book ahead!

Once your payment is received, an email with all the login details and password

will be sent through to you with clear instructions on how to prepare yourself

on a tech level to interact one day before.



Anastasia 0421 133 173 or EMAIL


Anastasia Williams has pioneered the teachings of Naam Yoga and Meditation alongside Harmonyum Healing to the shores of Australasia, bringing with her a combined 20 years of extensive knowledge, practice and study. Anastasia studied directly with Dr Levry (founder of Naam Yoga & Harmonyum Healing) alongside other master teachers in yoga, meditation and consciousness. Anastasia offers yoga and meditation as an effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Her classes are a masterful, practical understanding and application towards growth, healing and success.


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