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Anastasia Williams has pioneered the teachings of Naam Yoga and Meditation alongside Harmonyum Healing to the shores of Australasia, bringing with her a combined 20 years of extensive knowledge, practice and study. Anastasia studied directly with Dr Levry (founder of Naam Yoga & Harmonyum Healing) alongside other master teachers in yoga, meditation and consciousness.


Anastasia offers yoga and meditation as an effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Her classes are a masterful, practical understanding and application towards growth, healing and success. 


From art galleries to yoga studios, from NYC to Bali, Anastasia is honored to be able to share these practical techniques and profound practices. Anastasia is the founder of the much sought after ‘Magnify Your Light Retreats’ with students from around the world engaging in group and private classes. Anastasia Williams brings a much needed and relevant blend of inspiring cues and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences.



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