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The Upper House

September 27th

Hong Kong

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Your Vibration Matters - An Evening Retreat

Join us for this evening retreat,  a potent transformative experience providing you with practical and empowering tools and techniques to use daily. We will work with shifting our energy and capacity to expand into new frequencies, with the support of breathwork,  movement, meditation using sacred sound and mantra merged with integrative coaching, journaling and group sharing to empower you and your vibration.

Connect: Take the time to go within and connect to you: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. With your creative self. With your desires, wants and longings. With your intuitive nature. Refining presence & aligning to your incredible creative potential. 


Recognize & Release: Clear out the stagnation. What is not serving, attachments to what you have outgrown.


Intend: What is calling you? Who will you be? What will you decide to align with? What vibrational nature will you return to time and time again to support a clear, strong and committed journey that’s matching your desire? 

Date: Wednesday, 27 September, 2023

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: Sky Lounge, The Upper House

Investment: $500HKD

Nourish your state of being.

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