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Anastasia’s Love & Nourish Retreat was sublime. With deeply nourishing, expansive yoga & meditation classes, powerful, provoking, creative workshops, enriching friendships & connections in stunning natural surrounds. Abundant, nutritious food, coupled with revitalising massage & spa treatments & quality time for self reflection & play.. what a gift! With passion, love & wisdom, Anastasia holds a powerful & sacred space for transformation to unfold, supporting a letting go of resistance & a shifting into a renewed connection with the Self & Life. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share in 8 days of courage, love, vulnerability & surrender. For giving myself the space to tune into a new frequency, fuelling my vision with clarity & new energy. And for re-connecting with the part of me that is eternally Joyful! 

Jules Callanan

The New Year LOVE and NOURISH Retreat was by far the best retreat I have been to so far! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the passing into a new time making new intentions for myself. It really opened me up, not only to myself but to others also. I became way more sensitive and aware, and felt connections like I had never felt before. Opportunities like this do not come about often! Grab it with both hands!!


Carlie Young

Anastasia’s New Year Love and Nourish Yoga Retreat was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Every single day since Bali I’ve used the skills I’ve learned to focus and manifest my best life. I can’t think of a better way to start a new year (or a new life!), then to go on this retreat. The hotel Komune is exquisite and the range of healthy food was wonderful. If it were at all possible in my life, I’d start every year doing this for myself.


Roxanne Horton

" The only way to describe a retreat with Anastasia, is heaven on earth! It is exactly how I would imagine heaven to be! The resort itself is pure luxury and the location in the mountains makes it a sacred & magical place. Anastasia is absolutely beautiful! I I have never met someone with so much  love & wisdom to give. I am truly grateful to have been able to experience her amazing Naam yoga retreat. I left feeling like a new person filled with energy, love & light. Thank you Anastasia! "

Carly Laylim

" This was a wonderful retreat. The combination of deep Naam practice, workshops, beautiful organic food and luxurious facilities was deeply rejuvenating and powerful. The depth of Anastasia’s knowledge of Naam is incredible. I can't wait to come again. "


Thea Kremser


" The Bali retreat was something I did for myself. It was part challenge, never having been to Bali or done a yoga retreat before, and part just taking time out for myself after a very tough year (which I always find difficult to do!). What I got in return for taking the plunge was a sense of calm in beautiful surroundings and  focus and direction through the teachings and practice. That dedicated week of practice created a base to build up my resilience and a determination to change habits or let go of things that don't  support me. Anastasia has a way of drawing out what you need at the right time, balancing strong convictions with honest truths from the heart - while challenging at times, always insightful. Both Anastasia and Emma (her assistanat) truly worked hard to give us such a wonderful learning and opening experience. I am so happy to have shared this journey with the first group. "


Sharlene Chin

" I have been wanting to do a yoga retreat for a few years now but couldn't find the right one that would gel with me also was shy to do this type of thing alone. A friend of mine posted on Facebook a Yoga/Meditation retreat in Bali it just jumped out of the computer at me saying this is the one to do!  Also it was Naam Yoga so that just made it a super YES! I went on my own (so brave of me) and I tell you I enjoyed every minute of it.  The intense yoga & meditation just uplifted my soul to new levels.  Meeting new people, like minded people was a pleasure also.  Bagus Jati retreat is heaven on earth, tranquil surroundings, beautiful staff, the place took you away from the rest of the world it was magical. I found Magnify your Light Retreat refreshing and good for your soul, highly recommend to all. Namaste."

L DeCook




" The Bali Retreat where do I start, I am so grateful for such a magical experience! The week was so thoughtfully designed from the lovingly prepared gourmet organic cuisine to the luxury accommodation with your every desire catered for all set in the stunning natural surrounds that were incredibly healing and serene to just BE. Of course the yoga and expansive meditation was crafted with such passion and wisdom which allows you the opportunity to really challenge yourself and self reflect. The immersive  workshops and generous lessons have helped me sow the seeds for my own meditation practice which I am for the first time successfully maintaining and therefore continuing to embrace a higher conscious and greater sense of lightness. The retreat is completely devoted to supporting your well being and spiritual experience so that you truly FEEL alive with joy!


Natalie White

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