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anastasia williams

Mother, integrative coach, healer, retreat facilitator and the creator of Resonance Yoga, a unique and reverent blend of movement, meditation, mantra, and breathwork that encompasses 20+ years of study and experience. Anastasia has been teaching and guiding students since 2003.

After graduating from UWS, Sydney with a BA in Dance, then studiying Acting at Oxford University and in New York City Anastasia began shifting her focus to yoga, meditation, self-development, and the healing arts. 

From art galleries to yoga studios, she has run classes, programs and events everywhere from New York to Bali, and Hong Kong to Sydney. Her weekly practices can be found in the RISE Wellness membership. Her Momentum Mentorship and Connected online coursework are key resources for anyone wanting to elevate living from an authentic and empowered space from within. 

Anastasia brings a masterful and much-needed blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences, a nourishing and effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart.

Anastasia is honored to be able to share her work with students from around the world engaging in group and private classes to the deeper immersive programs and retreats as a way to empower, nourish and fortify one within themselves and toward a rich and fulfilling experince of self and life.

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