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why retreat:


I started hosting retreats from a passion, longing and vision to create a space for people to immerse themselves in the healing practices of yoga/meditation and divine self development in luxurious and healing surroundings. To allow each person to step out of their habitual patterns, comfort zones and conditionings.


To take this time away to reinvigorate your inspiration towards yourself and life. To recognise the greatness within and learn tools and techniques to bring healing and magnify this greatness, your light. To bring awareness to the blockages and start to unravel them. To dedicate 7 days to uplifting your inner world so that no matter the experiences you face from the day to day to the larger life challenges you maintain your grace, harmony and purpose.


7 DAYS: Seven is a mystical and healing number that relates to shifts in consciousness: physically, mentally and emotionally. We have the capacity to shift ourselves very directly and purposefully within a cycle of seven. It is the number of Victory. The pattern of seven will guide you towards a stronger and more clarified intuition to support your decisions and actions. Check out for empowerment retreats.


Retreats are an opportunity to press the pause button and step away to shift your inner perception and approach to everything you are creating. To return to it with deeper wisdom, renewed perception and a practical plan and tools to continue to thrive and shine into your everyday.

EMPOWER New Year Retreat.

Dec 29- Jan 06 2024

Start 2024 with a perfect week dedicated to you. A week to reflect, breathe, be still and re-orient yourself on every level.

Empower yourself to intentionally embrace your most effective, well, inspired, thriving and light self on all levels. The self will liberate the self. Reflect upon and establish your connection to your worth, value, beauty, intelligence, inner wisdom and ever-evolving nature and capacity. Refining relationship to self and understanding what it means to embody, and use this as a way to stay present, evolving, loving and thriving. 


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