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Harmonyum Healing

Experience a potent bodywork system counteracting modern life's impacts.  Accessing and nourishing your autonomic nervous system, it promotes repair, restoration, and healing across all your systems. Releasing stress, trauma, attachments, and unserving patterns, bringing a transformational reset. Align, transform and heal: mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Discover profound harmony within after every session.


Nourish your Magnificence.

Harmonyum Healing is an intelligent integrative hands-on bodywork system that greatly offsets the effects of modern life.


Harmonyum is the system of returning the systems of the body to a revitalised state, unblocking the innate natural healing capacities of the body and relieving stress: mental, emotional, physical and energetic.


All your operating systems are self-correcting given the right environment and support. Your systems inherently seek, crave and yearn for this state of order and balance to uncover their freedom, truth, expansion, and inspiration. Harmonyum Healing offers precisely this opportunity. Each session empowers you to release suffering and embrace your magnificence.

Consistently realigning with your inspired self, nurturing your internal connectedness, and transforming your suffering are indispensable elements for embracing your full potential, experiencing your magnificence, and thriving on a soul-led path, regardless of the constantly shifting circumstances. Harmonyum Healing sessions provide the pathway to accomplish all of the above.


This integrative hands-on energetic bodywork system serves as a powerful antidote to the challenges of modern life.

Throughout every facet of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and energetic—Harmonyum Healing offers profound benefits:

  • Releases both conscious and unconscious stress

  • Recalibrates and fortifies your nervous system, immune system, and overall vitality.

  • Brings clarity, expansiveness, and spaciousness, throughout.

  • Steadies, replenishes and restores your wholeness.

  • Harmonizes brain wave activity facilitating clear signals throughout your entire being.

  • Strengthens and enhances heart and brain wave coherence.

  • Restores and fortifies your magnetic field.

  • Enlivens your inner magic.

  • Circulates a powerful ripple of clear order, homeostasis, healing, and balance throughout.

  • Leaves you feeling and experiencing deep inner peace and renewed perspectives.

Experience the transformative power of Harmonyum Healing sessions. By accessing and nourishing your autonomic nervous system (ANS), it promotes repair, restoration, and healing across all your systems. Release stress, trauma, attachments, and unserving patterns, allowing your systems to transform and heal.


Harmonyum Healing sessions nourish, steady, strengthen and replenish the connectivity through the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the body's subconscious operating system. Bringing order and homeostasis throughout. Harmonizing brain wave activity and ultimately sending clear signals throughout your entire body, mind, emotions, and energy. Bringing you back into alignment, clarity and spaciousness. As more alignment is created and disturbances dissolve you come into harmony with yourself and with life.

Harmonyum Healing is a deeply supportive key 
bringing alignment and coherence throughout and between all your systems. The more coherence we bring through the nervous systems the more refined awareness and expanded consciousness takes root. We reinstate a deep heart and brain coherence. We move through life with more presence, connectedness, and ease. From here we can thrive, liberate and shine. 


Every session will bring "you back to you" in the most sincerest and deepest of ways. With each session, you will deepen the unfoldings of a strong and radiant nervous system, open and conscious mindset, inspired and generous energy will accumulate and take root within you. 

I look forward to sharing tis potent healing work with you.


If you have additional questions, having any trouble booking in or do not see the time available that you're looking for please email Anastasia directly.

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