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Yoga Classes

Join me for incredibly generous and revitalizing practices for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. 

The through-line in all classes is to have you leave feeling a deep sense of, and connection to, wholeness! It is from this space you create more wholeness. All classes incorporate revitalising and healing movement,  breathwork and meditation.

Nourish the fabric of your whole being consistently.



Slow Flow Vinyasa | Wednesday 5:30pm

Yin | Wednesday 6:45pm

Resonance Yoga | Friday 5:30pm

@ The Livingroom Coogee 

Level 1/62 Carr St, Coogee NSW 2034

Walk up the stairs to the left of Barzura

Class descriptions below.

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Additional Classes:

Crowne ​Plaza ​Pool ​Terrace                                                          Monday 9.30am Vinyasa.                    Tuesday July 16th.                        

Monday 8 July ​& Monday 15 July​ 12noon.                                   July 22 ​- Aug 26                                     5:30pm & 6:45pm                           

You can use your Livingroom Class Pass for this.                         The Livingroom Coogee                        Vinyasa @ Livingroom.                                                               

Bookings are essential for all the above classes

Please bring your Yoga Mat.

The Yoga practice is where we learn and grow our ability to better understand the who, and why of ourselves. To nourish and bring elevated and expansive resonance and coherence throughout your whole being.

These practices are for you to connect and reconnect to you, your heart, and your soulful nature. To align and realign with what needs it, so you are living your life from your full presence state. Incrementally unfolding and embodying the transformative nature of life through the practice. 


Saturday: 9:o0am aest Live.

Join RISE membership from anywhere in the world and get access to over 200+ practices of varying lengths to utilise in the on-demand library.

Sydney Saturday 9am

NZ Saturday 11am

HK & Singapore Saturday 7am

Europe: Friday 12 midnight

NYC: Friday 7pm


Group and Private Bookings available.

Work with Anastasia privately individually or as a group for a special occasion or regular time. Anastasia supports both personal and corporate professional wellness empowerment.



Slow Flow Vinyasa

A nourishing fusion of mindful and unhurried hatha yoga postures into a vinyasa/flow patterning. Giving space and time to link movement with breath, articulate and embody each of the postures, strengthen your body, your energetic stamina and self awareness. There is less emphasis on workshopping poses and more emphasis on getting into a flow. Each class will integrate breathwork and meditation. Open to all levels.


Yin yoga works lovingly into our body with passive, longer-held poses. It targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridian body. Nourishing the parasympathetic yin side of us in a world and life that is dominantly active and mental is a vital complementary practice. Each class will integrate breathwork and meditation. Open to all levels.

Resonance Yoga

A practice is rich, diverse, and integrative. Weaving the elements of movement/asana + rejuvenating breath + mudra + micro movement, stillness, organic movement, mantra/sound/vocal vibration + rhythm + meditation together invigorating and enlivening the flow of the intelligence, wisdom, and life force throughout your entire being. An incredibly generous, restorative, and revitalizing practice for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. Opening the meridians (energy channels) and removing blocks in the body. A powerful combination for the body, mind, emotions and energy to experience detoxification, strengthening, and revitalization. Activating and strengthening the body's self-healing capacities. Each practice plays with various rhythms and paces and varies in physical intensity from class to class. Open to all levels. Read More.

We are already enough. All we need is the clarity to recognise the wholeness that is us. The yogic practices support us to move from judging to appreciating, moving us back to the remembering of this wholeness. From here everything is possible.

~ anastasia williams

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