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Work with Anastasia Williams

work with Anastasia

Anastasia is a coach, healer, and the creator of Resonance Yoga, a unique and reverent blend of movement, meditation, mantra, and breathwork that encompasses 20 years of study of and experience. She has run classes, programmes and events everywhere from New York to Bali, and Hong Kong to Sydney. Anastasia brings a masterful and much-needed blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences, a nourishing and effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart.

1-1 Integrative Coaching

Work with me to tap into your strength, to cultivate and sustain steadiness in your authenticity, to release obstacles and live a wholehearted and empowered life.  LEARN MORE.



Breathe, still, reorient on every level. Ignite your luminosity, wisdom and worth. Embark on a stunning journey of self discovery and realignment. A time to honour YOU and your life.  LEARN MORE.

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Private Wellness

Prefer a personalized approach? Private classes are invaluable. Meditation, breathwork and yoga is accessible to all. Start your journey with it tailored to your needs, LEARN MORE.

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RISE Wellness

Nourish, strengthen, empower body, mind, heart, emotions, energy, consciousness, and soul. An online platform for all your WELLness needs.



Healing Sessions

Experience potent bodywork counteracting modern life's impacts.  Releasing stress, trauma, attachments, and unserving patterns, bringing a transformational reset. LEARN MORE.

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Calendar of Events

An overview of all upcoming classes, programs and retreats. COMING SOON.

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“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

- Gospel of Thomas

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