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Private Wellness

New to your wellness journey? Prefer a personalized approach? Private classes are invaluable. Discover profound benefits beyond mindfulness. Illuminate, accept, and transform unserving patterns. Give yourself daily time to process your journey. Delve into your beautiful being, clearing and transmuting what no longer serves. Embrace this self-healing tool. Gift yourself the empowering journey of private wellness classes.

New  and or curious about Yoga and Meditation and Breathwork. Super busy, can't make it to group classes and or prefer a more personalised attention? Private Wellness Classes are for you.

Prioritize comprehensive self-care in modern life. It's beyond diet and exercise – encompassing your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being. Overcome hindrances like stress and burnout to truly embrace the fullest of yourself in life. Private classes aren't a luxury; they're essential pathway to clarity, competence and confidence in your wellbeing.

Like a regular doctor or naturopathic visit, consider yoga/meditation as preventive care. You clean your teeth daily; what about your mind and vitality? Strengthen willpower, courage, and cellular health. Remove hidden blockages. Discover Private Yoga & Breathwork and Meditation.

Customized private sessions fulfill your unique needs. Build a strong foundation for self-understanding and practice. Transition smoothly to home or group sessions. Tailored to you – postures, sequences, breathwork, and meditation.

Private classes brings:

  • Meeting your schedules needs

  • Personalized attention

  • Targeted health goals

  • Breaking down postures/exercises to meet your need s and level of understanding

  • Working towards a deeper knowledge of the practice and self

  • Stress relief on every level

  • Resilience enhancement

  • Uplift your attitude to cope in the face of challenge

  • Give yourself a sense of self empowerment

  • And more

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