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about resonance yoga.

Resonance Yoga alchemizes.

Resonance Yoga is rich, diverse and integrative.

Resonance Yoga will positively transform your vibrational state of being every time.

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what is
resonance yoga.

Weaving the elements of movement/asana + rejuvenating breath + mudra + micro movement, stillness, organic movement, mantra/sound/vocal vibration + rhythm + meditation, together invigorating and enlivening the flow of the intelligence, wisdom and life force throughout your entire being. An incredibly generous, restorative and revitalizing practice for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. Opening the meridians (energy channels) and removing all blocks in the body.


A powerful combination for the body, mind, and emotions to experience detoxification, strengthening, and revitalization. Activating and strengthening the body's self-healing capacities. Each practice plays with rhythmic movement  and rhythms and paces and vary in physical intensity from class to class. From the stillness to dynamic each practices fortify, strengthens and nourishes your overall resonance.

A technology that awakens the intelligence within your wholeness. That empowers the mind, heart, body and soul: it profoundly purifies, stimulates and strengthens all of the systems increasing awareness and consciousness, allowing us to better direct our behaviour, our choices, our relationships, and our lives. Providing an awakened sense and understanding of yourself: an uplifted and  empowered radiant and vital health throughout.

A body of work that raises us above our limitations: providing the insight, stamina and courage to live gracefully in life. A beautiful life is created as you transform your being and environment with the strength, wisdom and virtue that is Yoga. Resonance Yoga unites you, in your oneness and wholeness. A science of very practical tools with which to receive and live in our modern lives with supported, inspired and vital mental and physical health. Resonance Yoga is both restorative and rejuvenating, invigorating and inspiring.

Through the consistent application of Resonance Yoga each individual will organically experience the presence of grace, radiance, health and unity in ones life. Resonance Yoga will awaken the empowering inner wisdom within you to guide your day to day and support you to create a fulfilling life aligned with your souls desires.

the use of

Through Jaap, the repetition of sacred sounds, you rebuild your brain neurons in a way that enhances and increases your projective, protective and intuitive intelligence. This in turn supports one to change unhealthful habits and cut through the dramas that we self create, moving us to the heart of the matter, the heart of life, creating internal unity leading to a more unified life.

Chanting mantras brings holistic benefits, spanning physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual realms. A key advantage lies in its power to induce relaxation and alleviate stress. The rhythmic repetition of mantra syllables triggers a relaxation response, stimulates and strengthens the vagus nerve, lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones, fostering an empowered sense of self and emotional stability to counter  the  impacts of life such as anxiety, tension, and meeting challenge with grace.  Find Mantra Retreats at

Regular practice enhances focus by engaging the mind in repetition, diverting it from negativity. This mental discipline extends to daily life, enhancing productivity and balance. Mantras often convey positive intentions, their vocalization reinforcing self-belief and empowerment, fostering self-confidence, emotional resilience, and optimism.

Mantra chanting serves as meditative practice, supporting one to experience their expanding consciousness. Chanting mantra is both soothing and a space to be with one’s self to recognise and reset the self.

how did resonance yoga come about.

After 30+ years of dedicated student and 20+ years as a teacher I felt called to merge all that I have learned into an evolving practice to meet the needs of these demanding times.


This unique practice blends the modalities and traditions of shakti naam yoga, sukshma vyayama, mantra meditation, kundalini tantra yoga, hatha and yin supported by her knowledge and understanding of pilates as a teacher and healing energetic bodywork. The work as a whole resembles kriya-based work, yet is not locked into a set sequence. Allowing for great flexibility, as we need in these times.


This practice will continue to evolve as I a continued dedicated student of life and personal growth do too.

respect for teachers.

I have had the blessing to be influenced by some of the best teachers in the field of yoga and it is with gratitude that I thanks those that have come before me.

Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Shakti Naam Yoga, Sukshma Vyayama, Breathwork, Mantra Meditation)

Elena Brower (Vinyasa/Hatha)

Master Ketut Arsana (Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Breathwork, Mantra Meditation)

Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji (Mantra Meditation)

Shri Bal Mukund Singh (Sukshma Vyayama)

Eddie Stern (Ashtanga Yoga).

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