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join us for the


 FREE 5 Day Challenge

13-17 February, 2021


If we want something different we have to BE and DO something different. Here is your opportunity to get started, and for free. 


These 5 days will give you experiences, tools, techniques, and strategies with which to realign yourself to your wholeness

and your full worth.


Nourish your aliveness. Deepen your connections.

Elevate your focus, approach and action.

Be in awe of yourself and life.

13-17 February: One hour classes each day! 

Saturday 13th: 11am AEST (Sydney) LIVE

Sunday 14th: recorded class

Monday 15th: recorded class

Tuesday 16th: recorded class

  Wednesday 17th: 9:30am AEST (Sydney) LIVE

Day 1 and 5 are a LIVE classes (everyone receives the recording.)

Days 2, 3 and 4 you receive a pre recorded class to your inbox.


Plus access to a closed FB group to discuss your wins and challenges.

This 5 days program is an incredible merging of self-development, breath work, movement/yoga and meditation to give you an experience with tools techniques and strategies on how to replenish, restore and bring yourself back to wholeness. Recognising what keeps you stuck. How to maintain this connection moving forward.

Each of the 5 days:

  • you will move, breathe and meditate

  • you will change your state, mentally, emotionally and energetically

  • you will expand your understanding of your energy

  • you will learn simple effective strategies and practices with which to elevate and refocus your approach and action in life

  • you will deepen your understanding and connection to wholeness

These 5 days will:

  • release the heaviness of what's not working, attachments and old patterning

  • replenish your mind, emotions, body, and soul with rhythm and stillness

  • restore the connections that bring you into a state of wholeness

  • strengthen your brain and heart coherence

  • revitalise your life force energy

  • nourish and steady your nervous system, hence your mental and emotional states

  • reset yourself in a renewed and re-inspired direction

  • gain a new perspective on yourself and how to approach life

  • transmute unserving tendencies into revitalised action

nourish your aliveness.png

When was the last time you took 1 hour each day

that was just FOR YOU.

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email from me with details by FEB 10th.

Remember invite your friends.

I look forward to meeting you in this space!

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