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Immerse yourself in a journey that will resonate through the fabric of your whole being.

An extraordinary week divinely crafted to empower and transform every facet of your being.

Light yourself up from within. Dive into inspired, revitalising and restorative yoga, movement and meditation practices. Quality rest, creative journaling, loving conversations, nature, spaciousness, laughter, quality connections and simply bliss out. All enhanced by the stunning surrounds of the unspoilt east coast of Bali.


Empower yourself to intentionally embrace your most effective, well, inspired, thriving and light self on all levels..The self will liberate the self. Reflect upon and establish your connection to your worth, value, beauty, intelligence, inner wisdom and ever-evolving nature and capacity. Refining your relationship to self and understanding what it means to empower and embody, using this as a way to stay present, evolving, loving and thriving in all experiences of life.

We all need time to release the massive buildup of stress that you have normalised from living in these deeply transformative times… 

Contact Anastasia to inquire about facilitating a retreat for you or joining her next retreat. 


Empowered & Luminous

We will spend this generous week together exploring the potency and efficacy of our own: personal power and overall direction and luminosity.


Becoming luminously empowered, committed to ourselves, life, and our passions and purpose that is pulsing in our hearts and souls. 


Alongside HOW to begin to articulate, express, and stay connected on an ongoing basis.

Including Daily prcatices and Workshops.


An experience divinely crafted for you to be taken on a journey deep into self, to feel what you need to feel, to release and surrender what no longer serves, and heal what you need to heal.


I am so excited to spend this time together. Set at the stunning and luxurious Komune, on Bali’s east coast, voted one of the top 5 beach clubs in Asia. 

" This Retreat was by far the best retreat I have been to so far! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the passing into a new time making new intentions

for myself. It really opened me up, not only to myself but to others also.

I became way more sensitive and aware, and felt connections like I had

never felt before. Opportunities like this do not come about often!

Grab it with both hands!! " Carlie, Sydney.

"Anastasia’s Retreat was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Every single day since Bali I’ve used the skills I’ve learned to focus and manifest my best life. I can’t think of a better way to start a new year (or a new life!), then to go on this retreat. The hotel Komune is exquisite and the range of healthy food was wonderful. If it were at all possible in my life, I’d start every year doing this for myself." ~ Roxanne, Brisbane.

"Anastasia’s retreat was sublime. With passion, love & wisdom, Anastasia holds a powerful & sacred space for transformation to unfold, supporting a letting go of resistance & a shifting into a renewed connection with the Self & Life. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share in 8 days of courage, love, vulnerability & surrender. For giving myself the space to tune into a new frequency, fuelling my vision with clarity & new energy. And for re-connecting with the part of me that is eternally Joyful! ​ "Jules, Sydney.

Remember, that you are a creative being, here to live the life of your dreams. It is up to you to give yourself permission. You are pulsing possibility and potential. You are here to fully experience the expanse and brilliance of this potential and life. It is time to take the pen back... how will you author your story from here on in? Aim your pen like an arrow. Write a story that lights you up. This retreat will support and inspire you on every level.

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