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Speak Out Loud

It is super valuable to re-organise or re-ignite your attention towards your direction in life on a regular basis. What attitude are we giving towards our daily life and why? I recently asked someone if they could envision the most amazing thing happening to them what would it be? They hesitated and tears started to flood their eyes, and my heart stretched wide open for them, as their face changed its expression.

On their face I witnessed longing, excitement and fear all in one face. I said please be courageous and say it out loud. They found their breath and then professed their desire. And then tears of relief flooded out, I even felt tears well up in my eyes. The sense of relief for them to speak this out loud was a moment of sincere and inspiring beauty.

Why is it that we are afraid to speak out our greatest desires?

Why do we restrain the very longings within us, especially those that are filled with so much heart and soul?

Why do we feel the need to amputate ambition in any sense?

What will it take to accept what calls us, what enlivens us and what makes us inspired?

Accepting ourselves, and all that call us, is respecting ourselves. Why and what are we waiting to be ready for? I call B.S on that. Waiting to be a better version of ourselves, or have this organised and that finished! Please…that is an endless road that will take us nowhere satisfying.

We all want to: do, be and feel better and we can. Though when we seek this from a place of deprivation we will never be enough, it’s never good enough, it’s never ready. We will inevitably delay what calls us and create more suffering. We all want to get these invisible ducks in a row, maybe everything is in the perfect place for the masterpiece NOW.

When we operate from a place of wholeness, enough-ness, readiness, then we are not in deficit. You believe and act from the space that you are more than enough and very ready. You ignite trust. You will create more wholeness outside of yourself. You will give respect to what calls you and go after creating it. You do not need a dream; you need a plan. Yes of course things start out as a dream, a vision, an idea. Then we must empower ourselves with the bravery to bring it out of the dreaming space into the planning space. A series of actions to make it manifest.

So as we are a sum of our habits and beliefs (both positive and negative) we have to re-habitualise what is not serving us. Ways of thinking, feeling speaking or behaving.

3 Keys to supporting yourself through this process:

SPEAK OUT LOUD: have a couple of close people you can say your greatest desires and longings too. Be witnessed. Choose people who you know are not going to question you from a place of their own fear. Then as you become more comfortable speak it out to others with freedom and belief in yourself. No one has the right to judge, criticise or question your longings, they are yours. Slowly as you speak it out you will also magnetise the opportunities, people and circumstance to support the manifesting of what calls your heart loudly.

TURN UP THE VOLUME ON YOUR SELF-WORTH: You deserve to be happy, you deserve to manifest wonderfulness into your life and the lives of others. You deserve success whatever that means for you. There is nothing wrong with great ambition. Don’t let someone else’s lack of ambition dampen yours. So whenever you feel that relentless or sneaky inner self critic come up that tells you in some way or another “you are not good enough” you take a moment and a long deep breath in and out and immediately tell this voice that he/she is WRONG!!! And say out loud to yourself “I AM ENOUGH” …. At least 11x. Speak it from your heart of sincere hearts and feel these words. We are all enough.

HONOR WHO YOU ARE TODAY: We are all sacred, intelligent, capable beings. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, we all have things to learn, to grow and to strengthen. We must dissolve the habit of respecting our potential more than our current self. That is such a sad and totally self-sabotaging mechanism to have operating through us. Observe how you feel about yourself when you wake up. This is where it starts. Before you get out of your bed, acknowledge your beauty inside and out. Tell yourself how freaking awesome the day is going to be. Set goals to move through the world with courage, boldness, compassion and empathy. Acknowledge that challenges will arise, that is a natural nature of our world and that this is not always so personal. Acknowledge what your priorities and goals are for the day. Get up and go be AMAZING.

After asking the person, I mentioned earlier, to be brave in sharing their longing, I got so excited for them and so moved by the truth and sincerity of their sharing, I busted out mine too. It was a liberating moment. As I hadn’t said this particular longing out to anyone in this way until this moment. It bounced out of me with such excitement and honesty. I am so incredibly grateful to hear these words.

To round this out I say, seek giving LOVE towards yourself relentlessly. Never abandon or give up on yourself. We all need limitless and endless streams of love; this is the most fortifying choice you can make every time. We need LOVING.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What is the longing within you that you are nervous, afraid or not willing to speak out? What triggers your “I AM NOT ENOUGH” response?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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