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Who Might You Become?

Who might you become?

We spend a lot of our lives being told or encouraged to DREAM! Dream big, you can be or do anything you want, etc. The problem in this comes in that dreaming is of usually an imaginary format. Had while asleep: a succession of images filtered with subconscious thought and emotion or while awake an image or desired outcome that is frequently far from the current reality.

So how helpful is dreaming?

I recently have flipped this for myself to PLANNING. This PLANNING feels like its relatable, including the where I am currently. Planning puts me in the doing mode. I am planning a new direction, state of being or choice I can move towards from where I currently am. Bringing myself closer to my desired, experiences, creations or states incrementally. Bringing myself closer, for sure, through action.

The PLAN phase, is me feeling and asking myself: how do I want my life to look? What do I want to be doing with my time? What do I want to create? How do I think, feel, speak, act as this person with this manifested responsibility?

Then actualising these into doable steps. Many times, I don’t know anything except the first step. I action this and then the next steps start to unfold.

This can be done with even your daily goals to more projective timeline goals. It works for both. Yes, it will need to be encompassing your daily responsibilities and practical concerns. But when you are giving time to the things you love alongside the things that need, over time more of what you love is magnetised towards you. More of what you love will grow and take up more space and nourish the practical needs.

There are two valuable concepts that I have collected along the way that fuel this planning space:

1. The power and the direction of your mind/thoughts/feelings: This is not new news; we all can relate to the negative mind will not serve a fruitful purpose in any day or endeavour. Though somehow we can bounce back into our insecurities, doubts and worries. We must repeatedly re-habitualise our patterns and update the inner software they are operating from. It is invaluable and vital to create a divine mental and emotional atmosphere. That when doubt, insecurity or worry arise (as they will, you are human) you must breathe…. Redirect yourself immediately using a nourishing breath, shift consciously how you are thinking, feeling and speaking with a determined and uplifted resonance. You must command your personal inner space to stop what is not serving you. Otherwise it will simply just keep defaulting to poor me, I can’t do this, this is because , etc. What we say to ourselves in our own minds and hearts matters, greatly! This drives our choices, which creates our destiny. The quality of the resonance of your thoughts and feelings is crucial. It is a garden that you want beautiful flowers to flourish, not weeds and strangling vines. This won’t be the answer in one go. It will take time and repetition. The insecure thoughts or feelings you have just didn’t appear, they were nurtured very well into their doubting nature. Though consistently re-wiring your responses in those challenging moments as it’s happening will totally start to uproot the annoying non serving habits.

“When you change what you say audibly and to yourself, you change the capacity to create the life you want. The words we use and the thoughts we accept can make a significant difference in our life and health. If your speaking and thinking patterns become divine, everything else becomes divine. ”

~ Dr Joseph Michael Levry

2. Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE: one doesn’t need to know everything, no-one does. Though when you shift your perception to “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE” from Marie Forleo (see video). It will be. Stay open and then be ready to commit. For everything to be figureoutable you must be willing to get in there and hash through whatever is creating the resistance or obstacle. Both within yourself and outside yourself. I do believe the universal intelligence is working to support us. Sometimes we have to let go of it looking exactly how we pictured and dive into what it is now. The path is never truly blocked, it may be diverting, when our perception is limited it will always looks very blocked. Just even saying to yourself “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE” a few times will make the load lighter.

Try now… close your eyes and gently breathe and think of something that is currently stressing you or causing worry, let yourself connect to the feelings and then start to say out loud “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE” at least 11x. Then sit for a few more moments and breath in your shift in space and perception.

You may also do this in pressured situations to help you find clarity. No need to stop what you are doing simply own the discomfort of the moment and start to say out loud, “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE” until you find your way through it.

Watch this awesome video with Marie Forleo sharing “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE”

So, who might you become, when you give more energy and commitment to planning versus dreaming? It is time for us all to rise to live beautiful heartfelt and soulful lives. I believe we all have this capacity. Though like a muscle that is weak it needs to be strengthened through practice and exercise.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What is a PLAN that you have been putting off and why? Do you let your doubting, insecure voice come in and direct the show? Can you apply the “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE” to this PLAN and make a start?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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