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The Extraordinary Within Us

It’s the tender moments of life that show us the EXTRA in the ORDINARY.

As families and friends come together. Celebrated, inspiring and iconic people pass on. A year comes to an end. The opportunity for renewal, new beginnings and re-ignited intentions becomes more monumental.

Within each of us there is so much more than we have generally been taught to action or express. Are you expressing and actioning the depths of your capacity? Are you tapping into the extra-ordinary of yourself?

Life is so valuable; a beautiful gift not be wasted on worry and what if’s. Don’t we all want to end as many days as possible knowing we gave it everything we had + a little bit more. Not thinking, feeling, speaking or choosing on automatic pilot. Invested and living whole heart, whole being, whole soul.

When we look at the people that have inspired us: from a school teacher, to a family member, to celebrated and notable entrepreneurs, artists and personalities. The common thread that touched us, is their undeniable tenacity, commitment and faith. We are inspired by their commitment to reach beyond what they even knew to be possible, repeatedly. The tenacity to follow their own hearts calling against the odds. The faith in a feeling, an idea and goal. Courageously stretching themselves creatively, physically, intellectually and emotionally towards their chosen goal.

To draw out the extra–ordinary from within ourselves and have it live through us, our choices and our lives we must listen to what is within. Hear what is wanting to be created, manifested, experienced or offered.

As 2017 approaches, we have this obvious opportunity to let go of an entire year or more worth of shoulds, coulds and woulds. Re-define our directions and approaches.

For a few moments, close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths and feel into your heart, your inner voice. Go towards the vulnerable and open space within. Still yourself and slow yourself down into a relaxed and willing space.

Ask yourself “What do I want to create, do, manifest in my life? I have no obstacles!

No money, location, skill, person is an obstacle…what do I and my life look like?”

Write down the first 5 things that come to you.

No judging, censoring or reasoning.

We often don’t listen to these first responses. We are looking for more doable, practical, and suitable answers. We judge, whether this is too much or too little. We often hold on to our unaccomplished dreams for the wrong reasons. We often have other people’s opinions floating around the subconscious influencing our responses.

Take some time to look at these things you have articulated onto the paper. Feel them within you and around you. Ask yourself if they are the truth. Imagine them having already taken place and you are enjoying the success of your accomplishments in whatever way. How do they make you feel? I believe if you feel, potentially scared and excited all in the same space, they are excellent goals to start articulating.

Now in all honesty…. this won’t just happen. There are layers to manifesting everything. You will face potential distractions, delays and failures along the way. They are perfect, as they are shaping who you are and how you respond in all ways. This is if you are willing to tune into the subtlety of your experiences. To be uncomfortable at times, challenged and ready to expand and grow beyond who you are today, everyday.

There is no success without failure. Every artist, inventor, explorer of any sense has experienced various levels of failure repeatedly. Many no’s and changes in direction have been needed. It is vital to not let these challenging experiences affect your heart and nature. Do not let them diminish your passion and purpose. Instead allow them to refine your attitude of victory and faith. Let it go, see it as a valuable opportunity to learn, gain insight and re-organise your approach. No one goes from zero to a hundred on their first attempt. We do not see how many attempts and practice runs our inspirations needed before we saw their success.

Take time to tune in to what is going to turn you into an extra ordinary version of you. All the things in the world, houses, material possessions will not give you the value you are looking for. Being the greatest expression of you in all areas of your life will be what lives beyond your years. Inspiring others as you have been inspired. You owe it yourself to not let any more days, weeks or months pass by without digging deep into your extra ordinary and shining that into the world.

5 ways to Stay Connected & Strengthen Your Extraordinary Self:

  1. Defined Goals: what are you going after, how and when. Map out a plan. This plan will go through various stages based on the stages and development of your goals. The clearer you get on what you are working to achieve in every area of your life the easier you will move towards them.

  2. A Burning Desire to Achieve Your Goals: nourish the original calling or why? Have a list of simple ways that you offset stress to keep the fire burning. Exercise, meditation, silence, creative time, being in nature, travel, listening to music, journaling, being with loved ones. Keep coming back and refuel the desire.

  3. A Filter for Others Opinions: people often mean very well in sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions with you. Though sometimes they result in unnecessary self-questioning. Self-doubt and worry. Surround yourself with people that support you, that want your success 500%. Anybody that is not diving deep into their own endeavours doesn’t get a voice in yours.

  4. You Are Extraordinary: no two people are alike. We all have something to contribute to this journey of life. The things you are passionate about in every area of your life give you depth and texture. Pursue yourself and life with wonder, care, respect and abandon. Never compare.

  5. Be Accountable: whether you have a mentor, a very close friend or a coach being accountable with someone is undeniably supportive. Share your goals, and vulnerabilities with someone. Make sure this someone, will not just tell you what you want to hear. Though be clear they are 500% behind you shining bright.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What are the first 5 things in life that are currently calling you. Be brave and write them in the comments below.

Looking for more support, guidance and accountability? Join me through Jan for the: WHO MIGHT YOU BECOME: Plan an extraordinary 2017 with Soul WORKSHOP

Please share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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