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Living In Limbo

Ever feel like:

  • You have just finished something really big and are needing space and time?

  • You have been dealt a whole bunch of transitions in a small-time frame?

  • You’ve realised that you want to shift direction on everything?

  • Recovery or healing time is needed?

  • Your unclear about the direction you would like to take yourself or your life?​

  • You are absolutely clear on the direction you want yourself and life to go, it is simply taking the appropriate amount of time, that may be longer than you anticipated?

  • Or any other series of inner or outer circumstances that brings uncertainty or requires patience?

The word limbo comes from the Latin word “limbus” and refers to uncertainty or an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

Why is it that when one enters a limbo period, that automatically this is deemed as less than desirable? Easily one attaches themselves to the uncertainty as a problem or a challenge. To feeling stuck, stagnant or challenged by this uncertainty. That things are not working out, that we did something wrong, made a poor choice or decision or should have been more prepared.

We have been unconsciously conditioned to feel that certainty is ideal and is the road to success. Is this really the truth?

Everything has a divine order. We marvel at the beauty in nature. We eat the miracle of fruit that has a divine order that originates from the seed, to the tree, to the flowers and back to the fruit, everyday.

Why is it that we cannot give ourselves the same space, time and conditions? Why is it that we expect to go from seed to fruit from day into night? Anything that comes to delay, challenging this journey is automatically resisted and seen as a problem, though potentially are there to expand or bless you and your life.

I say let us embrace the LIMBO. Start LIVING in the LIMBO. The space of limbo is a moment, a period, an opportunity that the universe or life is giving you. Engage with this offering and put it in motion.

Get proactive…don’t get frustrated…

All times, experiences and circumstance are filled with beauty, insight, guidance and wisdom. It doesn’t need to be complex. Go into your heart and listen. Don’t fight your life.

Take these uncertain moments, feelings and experiences and turn them into time to explore making decisions with more lightness and ease. Don’t take it all so seriously. Open your heart and be brave and ask life and yourself for what you want. Bring renewed attention, commitment and clarity to your goals and endeavours. Paint a picture, knit a scarf, lay under a tree, go camping. Nothing is a waste of your time, unless you choose it that way.

My top 5 limbo soothers:

In the moments where you feel you are going to just explode in the limbo, yes the pressure of slow flow or what seems like a holding pattern can build up. Do any one or combination of the below to get you present again.

  1. MOVE & SWEAT: run, yoga, dance, swim… get your physical body moving. It will relieve the illusion that you or your life is stuck. It will get your physical energy circulating, alleviating build up of excess mental or emotional energy.

  2. BRING ORDER: clear out your unneeded paperwork, emails, clothes. Clean your home. Write a to-do list for the coming days of things you have been putting off. This lightens the mental load.

  3. TOUCH: go get a massage, some acupuncture, harmonium healing and completely surrender. Neutral healing touch allows us to drop back into ourselves, into our bodies, alleviating worry and concern.

  4. TALK: find a good friend, someone you know who believes in you and your goals and share your worry. Everyone is going through something. In our very success driven and technology isolating worlds, the good old fashioned chat has been lost. Just hearing your own words articulated can relieve a lot of worry, tension and stress and open the door for clarity.

  5. YOU GOT THIS: go look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself, take a few moments and really see yourself with whatever is going on in that moment of the day. See the fear, the worry, the stress, the vision, the passion the drive all in your eyes. And then say out loud to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror. “I AM ENOUGH, I LOVE YOU, WE GOT THIS.” Do it a few times or as many as it takes to start feeling a change in relationship to yourself in that moment

Now I would really love to hear from you: Do you tend to fight the spaces of LIMBO and shut down to what is going on, as it is not what you may want or think is best? What is one thing you can do for yourself to stop sabotaging the divine order?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might inspire someone else’s heart. We are in this together.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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