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Life Beyond Social Media

With anything in life there are both positive and negative influences and polarities to the experience. So, I prelude this offering by saying I believe there are many positive benefits of social media, both personal and professional. Just as I believe there are benefits with most experiences in life when articulated with presence and loving consciousness.

A few days ago, I posted on my personal and public Facebook pages that I would not post again until further notice. I actually wanted to delete my pages, and no longer hold any responsibility or trace that I had been there. I decided though not to be so rash or have the need for such an instant result.

The reasons were varied. I feel it is super important to question your own participation and motivation periodically for using Social Media.

For me, I have decided to use my time to investigate another side of things. Though I feel my realisations articulated could be of help and service to you all at some point.

I have been using Facebook to build awareness around work and business. Though really, how much return was there for the time invested? Was it worth it? Some people say social media is needed to be relevant, though I know many people and businesses that are undoubtedly relevant without it.

While I love to see what happens in people’s minds and days, and discover inspiring things and stay connected to global happenings, I felt a constant demand from within myself to be at the successful edge of something. When really my heart truly just wants to get masterful at my work, serve others and investigate the journey that I was born to live. To create beauty and connection in my real life versus my online life.

I mean let’s get honest here…. It is normal to make a post and hope that loads of people relate with a Like, Love, Comment or Share. It gives a feeling of accomplishment. But what happens if the post goes un-noticed? You potentially (based on the day and what life is manifesting with you) feel unheard, un-acknowledged and that you are wasting your time. Any self-depreciating commentary such as: I am not enough; I should have done it better, why is my work not liked? This then becomes a part of your magnetic vibration. In turn contributing to what else you will magnetize towards you.

On Facebook, we mostly are posting the positive, motivated, high moments in our day-to-day lives. We are not posting the pictures of ourselves feeling disappointed by an opportunity lost. A video of us sitting on the phone to our best friends, sharing our greatest fears. Our rant of restless worry about our futures in love, business and friendship. We in turn view our friends and acquaintances in their inspired moments and then start unconsciously comparing ourselves to others.

Yes, this is not our everyday experience… though we are all living in an extremely stressful space in time. Intense stuff is happening everywhere for everyone. Though it is important to not attach ourselves to this stress or the heaviness of the process. The unconscious repetition of stress, worry and anxiety can do irreparable damage to our minds, hearts and choices. Or in the best-case scenario will take you down a road that will take more time to come back from.

So, I say “LET’S TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES” .....ask yourselves these questions regularly.

What are you feeding your mind?

How are you responding to what you see?

Why are you posting on social media?

Be mindful: are you sitting with friends, family, loved ones and posting the very thing that you would like to receive acknowledgment about from those close to you? In our busy lives, we are possibly posting online subconsciously trying to create connection. Though with every post creating more isolation in our immediate environment. Also unless you are a Facebook master, understanding the nuances of the order of ranking, how things post and are regulated through the feed you could simply be playing a hit or miss game to what will be seen or heard. This plays a huge factor on the responses to your posts and then on how you feel following.

I am not saying you must forgo social media or Facebook entirely. I am advocating for questioning, awareness and authenticity. Visit sites or do things that bring you more joy than anxiety. Commit to real connections with real people and real circumstances. Know that the success of you, your life and your business is not built on social media.

Now I would LOVE to hear from you: Why do you use social media? How do you feel when you post? Have you ever taken a break from social media, how did you feel?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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