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Come Alive!

What we give our attention and intention to, comes alive!

I love this!

When giving our attention to anything, it quickly turns into an intention.

So, what are you consistently bringing you attention and intention too? Are you repeatedly bringing it to the lack you may be experiencing? Or the limitation you may be facing. Where we hold our attention and intention simply amplifies what its focus is.

If you give your attention and intention to order and clarity, potential and opportunity, love and generosity we see how we automatically feel a different sensation, just reading it.

Sure, it is not so easy to have uplifted, expansive and visionary attention running through us at all times. Knowing that our attention turns into intention you can see how if you are regularly focused on lack and limits that their magnetic energy could attract and produce more and repeated similar perspectives and experiences.

Now we are human, and we cannot completely negate this much as we may try. :) Of course, there will be moments or stages that we are more clear, centred and positive in our approach and times where things have just got to get messy. This is growth and a part of the beautiful journey of life. Great things always come out of messy moments.

To harness our attention and intention to a more effective and expansive direction we need to realise we are built through habit. Any unserving tendencies you may have, doesn't mean you are broken, or ruined or wrong. It means you carved them out through time and repetition. From insecurities, traumatic experiences, stress, hurt or sadness. So, this is amazing, because we can carve out new ones.

We must approach reasonably and lovingly these unserving habits. We cannot expect ourselves to go from one tendency to an entire new habit overnight. We must be careful to also not mask the old habit with an action or words that are not true to ourselves.

So, if you experiencing yourself or life or your day: feeling heavy or stagnant, things are not flowing with some radiant pulse and inspiration...then ask yourself is my attention focusing on and bouncing between lack and limitation? Let us replace this habit with some new ones.

  1. BREATHE, it’s ok. Awareness is the first key to all change. Acknowledge the tendency to associate with lack or limitation. Taking note and being honest with yourself starts to lessen the habit’s power.

  2. YOU ARE ENOUGH: change the story you are writing in your head associated with the lack or limitation from the inside. You are a beautiful human with trillions of cells pulsing on your behalf every single day. You are an amazing gift of nature.

  3. LET GO OF THE STORY: we all go through incredibly difficult experiences in life and they will happen more than once. But then we use our space and attention to replay the story repeatedly. Sometimes this story even changes because we’ve told it so many times that its potentially embellished in the pain points. Write a new story and start it with I AM and declare who you are stepping into.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What is your most ineffective limitation you play repeatedly. What “I AM” declaration can you change it to? ie: I AM choosing love.

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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