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You Cannot Change What You Cannot See


Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same habits that you don’t like?

Or saying YES to things you want to say NO to, or NO to the things you want to say YES to?


What is AWARENESS…it is the state of being aware…

So, what is being aware… it is being informed, knowledgeable or conscious.

If we are wanting to make a choice without awareness (have no information, knowledge or consciousness around the subject of our choice) with no experience, knowledge or skill towards what the choice contains, it becomes very difficult. Another way to say it is, “You cannot change what you cannot see,” meaning until you are aware of something you cannot start to change it.

Most often, we choose what we know or what is familiar. Each of us will also have individualised areas where we choose bravely, and this practice of bravery can mask the areas where we tend to not make choices for our highest learning, growth and the change that we are seeking.

All our current habits have been trained into our memory: mental, physical, emotional and energetically over long periods of time. Coming from sources such as surroundings and standards of our upbringing, education, the way people talked and interacted with us, societal standards, survival, pleasure, lack, limit, accidents, goals and more.

Quite often we are even not aware of a lot of our habits. Until we decide we are wanting something more from ourselves or our lives: then we start to take a self-reflective look. This reflective look can be confronting and uncomfortable. We see, feel and experience sides of ourselves that may have deep rooted insecurity, shame and guilt. That have the underlying foundation beliefs of “not being good enough or deserving of”. Many times, we find it easier to switch off and leave it for another day as we have not been shown the way to move lovingly through our hurt, suffering and challenges. It is so ingrained through our world that discomfort must mean something bad. We all make poor choices, sometimes daily ☺ It’s not a mistake it’s a learning. Had you had AWARENESS - the knowledge, understanding or skills - it would have been an opportunity to make a different choice.

There is no GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG there is…. EFFECTIVE and INEFFECTIVE. What may be effective today could be ineffective tomorrow. In modern psychological studies, it is being discovered that 70% of our programming/beliefs/habits that were built through our childhood lean towards negativity, disempowerment, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. These habits in turn undermine our power for change.

To align with making true effective CHOICES for ourselves and our lives we must turn up the volume and importance of our awareness. We must be willing to look at ourselves without the need to justify: but to accept and embrace.

To sit with ourselves in the uncomfortable moments mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Be receptive to the discomfort. To realise there is no perfect. Your imperfections are unique to you and are key to you becoming the greatest version of you. Our worst choices have the capacity to unfold our deepest learnings and evolution.

Let’s take the pressure off ourselves and step into living through AWARENESS, not right, wrong, good or bad.


  1. The first step to increasing our awareness is in how we breathe. When you can be present in your body through your breath. A soft receptive, longer than normal breath. In and out through the nose. Especially when things get difficult, or making choices or when being self-reflective. Slow yourself down and make friends with how you breathe. Don’t choose anything until your breath settles and you feel the presence of your body.

  2. Feel your feelings, while breathing and learn to not jump ship when it feels hard, uncomfortable or unknown. Observe and don’t judge until what is happening changes and calm/clarity starts to arrive.

  3. Now ask yourself what is the highest choice for you and your circumstances right NOW. There is magic in honesty and bravery.

  4. REPEAT…. like everything its muscle..take time to strengthen the awareness muscle so its there and working for you.

  5. Keep loving on yourself...every step of the way.

At times, we need to learn new skills, do some reading, take a class in the area that we lack awareness: knowledge and understanding. Increase your skills. Put all learned things then in practice, as action allows you to embody the new habit. Practice over time re-enforces the new habits, and always practice from your open heart.

Once you start increasing the presence of your awareness there is no limit. You can change your belief systems, increase your intuition and step by step let go of all that is holding you back from being the greatest expression of yourself in all areas of your life.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What is the change you are looking for? What habit do you want to let go of most?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone else needs to hear today.

Lastly, if you would like me to chat on a specific topic, please leave me a request in the comments below. Share the love and post this to your social media sites and let us create a community with Love.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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