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The Wise Woman Part 2

The Wise Woman is stunning: diverse and accepting of herself, ever changing, she shows up truly and fully for herself, others and life.

The Wise Woman sees herself in all women and all women in herself, creating unity and strength.

The Wise Woman loves on every other woman and creates sisterhood all the time. Holding hands, giving hugs freely and holding space for each other! As we put ourselves back together, unlearning the years of conditioning and reclaiming feminine awareness.

The Wise Woman knows that taking time for herself to nourish her inner world is what allows her to give from the overflow in life.

The Wise Woman is an expression of love & beauty, like that of nature.

The Wise Woman is relaxed, fierce, gentle, intelligent and curious.

The Wise Woman embraces the depth of her wholeness & the endless discovery of her unfolding beauty.

The Wise Woman is unapologetically herself.

The Wise Woman take time for herself to go inwards and explore her greatness.

The Wise Woman has no need to be perfect and loves her imperfections.

The Wise Woman continually reflects, explores, heals, inspires, dives deep and lets go: to rise internally so we may rise externally together and then REPEATS!

The Wise Woman discovers, declares and repeatedly stretches her heart wide open knowing there is no limit!

The Wise Woman knows the foundation for everything is within her.

The Wise Woman has nothing to hide, is patient and soft with her pain.

The Wise Woman is not consumed by other opinions and trust herself.

The Wise Woman will move beyond what feels comfortable to explore her greatness.

The Wise Woman plays, laughs, dances and allows her creative energy to flow freely.

The Wise Woman knows that creative, sexual and healing energy are a natural part of her life force energy and works daily to be full embodiment of her whole self.

The Wise Woman appreciates her sacredness, divinity and her stunning ability to call in the magic of life.

The Wise Woman believes that happiness is self-created from within.

The Wise Woman feels the blessing of life in all its tones.

The Wise Woman puts her own inner peace above needing to be right.

The Wise Woman prioritises her health as a form of wealth and abundance.

The Wise Woman finds her confidence from a centred, grounded space that is a balance between her active/masculine and receptive/feminine energies.

The Wise Woman overflows with kindness and knows this is cooler than cool.

The Wise Woman knows she will not be all of this every day: she embraces all the moments even the moments she does not want to embrace.

The WISE WOMAN is both the key and the door.

Now I would LOVE to hear from you: Which qualities of the Wise Woman have you embraced lately, which ones do you want to cultivate more of?

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone needs to hear today.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


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