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21 Reasons to go on a RETREAT

21 Reasons to go on a RETREAT:

1. YOU are worth it.

2. UNPLUG from the shoulds, coulds and woulds and demands of daily life.

3. DIVE deep toward you and take stock of where you are at, re-asses where you want to go and refresh your approach.

4. SILENCE & STILLNESS from the external ideas and opinions of what is right and go into your heart and find direction, strengthen and listen to the voice within.

5. PAUSE & SUSPEND everything that you think needs doing, it will be there when you get back. Possibly having resolved (if needed) and changed into something better. Plus your perception will have shifted.

6. BREATHE slower, deeper, longer and smoother.

7. STOP RUSHING.... for what!

8. RECEIVE healing treatments that take you to the much needed receiving space. Touch is vital to our well-being.

9. INVEST in you, you are your business, self development is integral to you and your business growing, thriving and serving, both personally and professionally.

10. JOURNEY into a new environment, step out of your comfort zone and the magic will unfold.

11. FEEL each day: you, your experiences, your longings, your dreams and visions, your interactions, your moments. They all offer beauty, guidance and healing. Learn to slow down enough to feel them.

12. TRAVEL into your heart and into the world. There is so much to be experienced, felt and shared.

13. LEARN life is a school, support your unfolding and blossom into your greatest potential.

14. ATTITUDE is everything, uplift, strength and revitalize your attitude.

15. INNERWORLD every thought, feeling, word and action are an affirmation. Learn to redirect your unconscious tendencies. Take responsibility and clean up your inner world with Love and Kindness.

16. CONNECT with yourself, with new people, with nature, with new cultures, with the unknown.

17. CONVERSE with the UNIVERSE through the sacred power of healing sound and mudra therapy. Develop a relationship to the universe within and the wonderful and precious universal forces that surround you.

18. IMMERSION & CONSISTENCY bring connection, transformation, healing, inspiration, motivation and evolution. Living and breathing a more conscious approach in this retreat environment guides you towards making more conscious shifts and choices in your daily life.

19. HUMILITY and GRATITUDE for everything comes naturally as part of the immersive process.

20. 7 the mystical number of days we retreat for. Seven is a mystical and healing number that relates to shifts in consciousness: physically, mentally and emotionally. It is the number of Victory. The pattern of seven will guide you towards a stronger and more clarified intuition to support your decisions and actions

21. NOW, the time is NOW. WE all have reasons why it won't work, or can't do it. But for each of those reasons is a solution to the logistical problem. COMMIT to saying YES to wonderful things in your life. YOU are your SOULution.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, this we all can align with, so have the courage to step away and create a longing for your life. Let yourself miss the day to day, by bringing your focus to another point. Allow those that you step away from to miss you, whether that is family, loved ones, children, work colleagues or your boss. It works in both directions.

Retreats are an opportunity to press the pause button and step away to shift your inner perception and approach to everything you are and are creating. To return to it with deeper wisdom, refreshed and renewed perception and a practical and soulful plan with tools to continue to Magnify Your Light everyday.

Thank you so very much for reading.

Please feel free to share and leave your comments and questions below.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT Anastasia

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