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The Hearts Wisdom

There is space within us that is timeless. It is an inner compass that has a voice, a sensory system and an intelligence.

A space that clarifies all confusion. That rejuvenates all exhaustion. That guides you when you are lost.

A space that is the source of inspiration. A space that has no end to its depth for expansion, compassion and understanding.


The heart centre is located in the middle of the chest, and is a vital bridge between the lower and higher self. It is the source of manifesting, the provider of life to the physical body and the avenue between you and greater understanding.

We are born all HEART. Through the various processes of life, conditioning, challenges, grief, stresses and trauma the heart centre is becomes effected, depleted and becomes quite unlike itself. Heavy, tight and closed simple daily life can become more taxing. Emotions such as frustration, anger, judgement and criticism arise easily and untimely.

We are all susceptible to different degrees of stress, challenge and conditioning. AS we are all susceptible to different degrees of strain on our heart centre. As a part of life we all will go through massive, life altering, heartbreaking and defining experiences. No one is to blame, the fact is things happen to us all for various personal and unpersonal reasons. The question we must ask ourselves in the midst and in hindsight is “How can this circumstance/experience I am in now, foster my greatness.”

Left unattended: the grief, stress, trauma, challenge will further manifest into health, circumstantial, relationship, career and all around life complications.

Our main electro-magnetic field is directly connected to the heart centre and these heavy, vibrations will reside in this field and act like magnetic energy and draw towards us more challenging experiences. This magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

We regularly update the software of our smartphones and our computers, though when do we take the time to update our inner software. We largely expect it to update itself, then to keep operating at 500% each and every day. Each day is filled with experiences of profound context. Unless you have placed a ritual or practice in your day where you take time to process these experiences, (and even then) you are likely building up a storehouse of unresolved, potentially even unfelt emotions and experiences. You are literally short changing yourself a depth to yourself and life.

YOU, ME and WE are valuable, beautiful and sacred beings. Our inner workings are meaningful. As human beings, we are emotional beings. Though from childhood there is an undercurrent of over controlling and stopping the flow of emotions. Viewing emotions as problematic rather than a guidance system to be heard and felt. When heard and felt the emotional body and the heart reset themselves.

Neurocardiology (study of nervous and cardiovascular systems) demonstrates that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. There is a nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) that enables it to learn, remember, and make decisions independent of the brain. Many experiments have demonstrated that the signals the heart sends to the brain influence the higher brain centers involved in perception, cognition, and emotional processing.

So your HEART CENTRE needs you as much as you need it.

6 ways to begin to regenerate the heart center:

1. REST: Getting at least 8 hours of sleep for an extended period of time. Don’t worry if you need more sleep. Listen and be guided. Do your best to be resting by 11pm before the body and brain move into late night overdrive. Surrendering is valuable.

2. BREATH: I see so many people, myself included at times that are not breathing properly, thus the prana/life force does not circulate properly and our heart center is directly drained. Learn to breath slowly and smoothly and lovingly in and out through your nose.

3. JOURNAL: Through the process of everyday, especially more challenging times, a buildup of experiences can occur. Free journaling: which means you don’t think about what you are putting on the paper, but simply write the stream of your consciousness out. This process loosens up the ego, judgments and resistances and brings you back to the truth in your heart. It helps shift your perception toward more compassion.

4. GRATITUDE… When you rewire your circuitry to be pumping gratitude in the face of stress, grief and challenge you will most certainly process these experiences with a vastly different understanding. Each day before you go to sleep take a beautiful journal (separate to the stream of consciousness journal J) and write “I AM GRATEFUL FOR” and list everything that day you are grateful for. Be sure to list the things you resist and are painful. Shift your perception. Do not be the victim of your circumstance. Be the receiver and processor of your experiences.

5. MOVE: Move your body to feel good. Pilates, yoga, running, dancing, swimming: so the pressure your heart center feels in difficult moments of life is supported on the altar of strength and vitality.

6. MEDITATE: Everyone can meditate. Meditation will give you the presence and resilience to open your heart no matter what is happening. To move beyond your comfort zone. Daily practice is essential to cultivate a connection and strengthening of your inner intelligence. Meditation is a sure way to strengthen your relationship and manifestation of your greatness.

Please summon all your strength when you feel you have none. We must participate in all of life. Living automatically: avoiding challenge, not embracing your worthiness today, not feeling your feelings. You deserve more than this. Though you cannot dodge the difficulties in life you can certainly enter the depths of your heart and trust in a divine order. Smile and laugh at the intense absurdity or be still and let the tears flow for the sincere hurt. You are not alone ever. I am fairly certain there isn’t a person you wouldn’t empathize with and move to love if you would read their story. So please have no shame in yours.

Open yourself to your heart’s wisdom. There is no end to the depth and value it will bring into your life. This life’s journey is built on ups and downs, twists and turn. The more vast you allow your heart to become, the more magical and beautiful your journey will be every single day.

Please leave your comments below.

Please share this BLOG far and wide and let us build a community with LOVE.

Wishing you an amazing day.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT Anastasia

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