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EVERYthing YOU need is WITHIN you.

Counsel/Mentoring/Coaching: Private and personalized one on one sessions.

We are a map and machine. Learn the inner workings of your machine so that you can tune its vibration towards the life you want. Know your map so you know where you are going at any given point.

Life has rhythms and cycles, some more auspicious and some more challenging. Through a multitude of integrative self-healing and life creating tools you will better understand who you are and where you are going and courageously take responsibility for the life you are creating.

Through this application of proven techniques and practical tools you will embrace change and challenge and live life in truth, love and joy.

Create a personal practice that serves where you are now and where you want to go.

Nurture yourself with Love and S H I N E.



" Love is the whole thing, we are only pieces.

Love is the sea of no end, we are a drop of it. "

~ Rumi






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