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thriving through your energy centres.

Resonance is a journey… into activating and strengthening consciousness through your energy centres (chakras). So that you live with more awareness, connectedness, radiance and wholeness.​

Resonance is a journey… designed to lead you into a deeper understanding and embodiment of the subtle and powerful nature that is available to you always. To support you to live into the creative richness of life both personally and professionally.

VALUE yourself, your ENERGY, your emotions,

and all your INNER RESOURCES.

Starts March 15th, 2022.

Over this 12 week  journey you will develop your capacity to work with the energy centres giving you a foundation to feel supported and further sustained as you tap into the intelligence, wisdom and strength the energy centres will afford you.

Your exquisite self deserves to be living with an understanding of how to tap into the consciousness, stamina, transformative and intuitive nature of your energy centres to elevate yourself at any time. 

EVOLVING your energy centres will evolve your mind, emotions, body

and overall energy, as they are all INTERCONNECTED.

Resonance will move you to being more attuned, adaptable, and innovative in all you are and create, and how you respond to any challenges. 

This journey is dedicated to a shift in perception and a shift in frequency. Leading you to accept and live in your greatness, power and unlimited ever evolving nature.

Come into HARMONY with YOURSELF.


10 Weekly Zoom Group Calls
TIME - 2 hour interactive sessions (all sessions are recorded for re-watch, or in case you can not make the live.

Each Weekly cycle is supported by a pre recorded introduction content.

Each weekly cycle will come with 1-3 tasks to support the embodiment and integration of the content.



OPTIONAL: engage in 5 Private One-on-One online Mentoring sessions where we dive deeper into your process, your vision, your longings and get you actualising.


  • Learn the energy centre systems and all their correlating aspects and influences.

  • Learn Tools and Techniques for deepening and strengthening your consciousness in all your energy centres.

  • Learn how the energy centre systems impact your daily life and how you create and live life.

  • Learn simple and effective practices to use on your own in the day to day of life.

  • Bring steady alignment to your daily life, personally and professionally, and be reminded of who you are, and how exquisitely you were designed.

  • Develop a clear and lifelong connection to the inner wisdoms.

Connected. Radiant. Whole.

My intention with this journey is to offer a sacred and safe space that will inspire and transform us all. Bringing us back home to our greatness in all ways. This will look different for us all; it will blossom in unique and different ways for everyone.


Join me and a soulful group for 12 weeks of beauty, connection, intention, transformation, wholeness, alchemy and radiance.

Create the right environment for your GREATNESS to unfold. 

This work will serve you for your entire lifetime.

You will have ongoing access to all content so if you miss anything you can go back over it and slow anything down that you feel called towards.

For all your questions on anything to do with RESONANCE click below and set up a FREE 15min connect call with Anastasia, add any questions you may have and send them through!!

What's it like to work with Anastasia?

Read some of the Love Notes... here!

Ready to join this Inspired, Transformative and Liberating Journey?

Join us! Register right now for the RESONANCE.

One-Time Investment
with 5x 1-1 Mentoring


$1497 aud

One-Time Investment
Group Journey Only


$797 aud

5 Payment Plan 
with 5x 1-1 Mentoring


$649 aud

3 Payment Plan 
Group Journey Only


$317 aud

Need a different payment arrangement, reach out to me and let's discuss, there is always a way forward. EMAIL ME NOW.

Let's thrive with embodied resonance together.

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