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Universal Kabbalistic Readings


Peer through a window into the inner workings of your strengths and weakness. Gain a clearer and more co-herent understanding of what makes you tick. Look at the unseen influences of your personal and yearly cycles. From here set goals and actions into motion that are based on being the best version of yourself possible each day.


There is so much within each of us. Understanding the influences that pull you persoanlly make a whole lot of diffenece to the choices you make at any given moment.


Timing is everything understanding the influences at hand can make all the diff-

​erence​ no matter what stage of life you are at. One cycle leads into the

​ne​xt cycle and they feed into each other. When you deepen your knowledge of these cycles you become more equipt​ and adept at being able to use them all favorably.


Give the best YOU.



Contact Anastasia for your personal reading.

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