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It is time to remember, honor and empower your wholeness and your wisdom.


Welcome Gorgeous,

Our work together will nourish and enliven your magnificence. This is a space for inspiring and empowering yourself to live a vibrant, vital, and fulfilling life. An invitation for your presence, love, and courage to merge with your compassion, consistency, and divinity. My goal is to provide you with clear intentional resources, guidance, and inspiration to support you to experience your authenticity, luminosity, and sacredness. 

Experience my mentoring, retreats, group programs, weekly practices and healing sessions and more to fortify your wholeness and empower the fabric of your whole being.


work with Anastasia.

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love note.

Anastasia is a very gifted teacher. The classes are extremely diverse, very well explained and I always feel safe. There also is a realness that I love, no denying of the sometimes messy side of life. But an invitation to embrace it all + tools on how to navigate. Anastasia’s presence and guidance even virtually are encouraging for me and her dedication to the work an inspiration. I keep coming back to the practice because it makes a difference. I cannot pinpoint and everyone’s experience is unique but there is something happening, something shifting every time I commit to classes. Some days it’s physical heaviness, some days it’s emotions I wasn’t even aware of, some days it’s my mental state that shifts. 

Do the work- it’s worth it! ~ Katie, Sydney

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