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release & align

free new year ritual

Reflect and align as you step into a New Year. Receive the wisdoms from this past year and lay to rest all that you need to. Feel the tug inside your chest that tells you which way to move and align with its direction. Your creative energy is your healing space. End this year loving yourself and loving your life so that you step into 2024 with a coherent foundation. Finish this year in your wholeness. Align yourself with self-permission, courage, and celebration. A 1.5hr guided ritual.

Purposeful, Meaningful and Transformative on every level.


Sunday December 31st Online.

9-10:30am aest.

Join from anywhere in the world. 

Resonance & Coherence throughout. 

Reflecting on Wisdom:

Lovingly and reverently acknowledging the wisdoms of this past year. Let's exhale and release. Acknowledging and recognizing that valuable tapestry that was 2023 with a letting go ceremony.

Creative Energy as Healing:

Align yourself with creative energy, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-permission as a way to align with the call in the heart and the call of life to steady a coherent foundation for 2024.

We will breathe, move, meditate, journal, use fire ritual, and more magical practices and leave feeling super loved up. I look forward to sharing this very special offering with you.

Sunday December 31st

Sydney | Sunday 9:00am
NZ | Sunday 11:00am
HK & Singapore | Sunday 6:00am
Europe | Saturday 10:00pm/11:00pm
NYC | Saturday 5:00pm

Nourish your expansive, intuitive, vital, inspired, soft, open, receptive and magnetic self.

love note.

Anastasia is a very gifted teacher. The classes are extremely diverse, very well explained and I always feel safe. There also is a realness that I love, no denying of the sometimes messy side of life. But an invitation to embrace it all + tools on how to navigate. Anastasia’s presence and guidance even virtually are encouraging for me and her dedication to the work an inspiration. I keep coming back to the practice because it makes a difference. I cannot pinpoint and everyone’s experience is unique but there is something happening, something shifting every time I commit to classes. Some days it’s physical heaviness, some days it’s emotions I wasn’t even aware of, some days it’s my mental state that shifts. 

Do the work- it’s worth it! 

~ Katie, Sydney

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