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free yoga practice

Enliven and strengthen your wholeness. Release the stress. Nourish your soul. Empower yourself and your wellness on every level. The through-line in every practice is to have you leave feeling a deep sense of, and connection to, your wholeness!

It is from this space you will create more wholeness.

Purposeful, Meaningful and Transformative on every level.

Move. Breathe. Meditate.

Saturday March 11th Online.

Join from anywhere in the world. 

Resonance & Coherence throughout. 

Saturday March 11th

Sydney | Saturday 9am
NZ | Saturday 11am
HK & Singapore | Saturday 6am
Europe | Friday 10pm/11pm
NYC | Friday 5pm

The practices are rich, diverse and integrative. Weaving the elements of movement/asana + rejuvenating breath + mudra + micro movement, stillness, organic movement, mantra/sound/vocal vibration + rhythm + meditation, together invigorating and enlivening the flow of the intelligence, wisdom and life force throughout your entire being. An incredibly generous, restorative and revitalizing practice for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. Opening the meridians (energy channels) and removing all blocks in the body. A powerful combination for the body, mind, and emotions to experience detoxification, strengthening, and revitalization. Activating and strengthening the body's self-healing capacities. Each practice plays with various rhythms and paces and vary in physical intensity from class to class.




Become more intimate and familiar with all your operating systems and states, learning to align, nourish and liberate yourself repeatedly. 

love note.

Anastasia is a very gifted teacher. The classes are extremely diverse, very well explained and I always feel safe. There also is a realness that I love, no denying of the sometimes messy side of life. But an invitation to embrace it all + tools on how to navigate. Anastasia’s presence and guidance even virtually are encouraging for me and her dedication to the work an inspiration. I keep coming back to the practice because it makes a difference. I cannot pinpoint and everyone’s experience is unique but there is something happening, something shifting every time I commit to classes. Some days it’s physical heaviness, some days it’s emotions I wasn’t even aware of, some days it’s my mental state that shifts. 

Do the work- it’s worth it! 

~ Katie, Sydney

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