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Your greatness is waiting to be felt, lived and shared!

12 weeks of Epic Self Liberating Transformation.

A practical and heart centred journey that generously guides you into living with loving purpose and personal freedom.


Give yourself the tools and experience to unfold into your personal greatness in every area of your life. 

This is a guide and journey to ignite change that lasts

a lifetime, NOT just a few weeks.



We Begin MARCH 6th, 2021


  • Anxious, Tense, Worried, Flat?

  • Lacking Direction, Focus and Love in your Life?

  • Justifying Why you are not Happy NOW?

  • Feel like Life is Happening TO YOU?

  • Feeling OVERWHELMED?

  • Not Living on Purpose?

  • Lacking Inspiration, Motivation and Clarity?

  • Not sleeping well!

  • Being Reactive to Life and Your Circumstances?

  • Looking for guidance and answer always outside of yourself?

  • your list may go on...........

If this sounds like you, don't worry. You're not alone.

The only time we have is right now.

Stop Waiting for the better you!


Declare and Decide that you get to break your limiting beliefs and cycles with support and accountability. What you believe becomes who you are.You are limitless!

There is no end to your beauty, truth and greatness.

 Say YES to YOU!!

Your choices everyday by design or by default are creating your experiences and your life! Do not let circumstance, societies' beliefs or your past hold you back! We are not broken, we simply lack the practice with the right tools!

Your potential is latent until you get clear on how to activate it. Do you have the willingness to step up and EMPOWER yourself beyond what you already know. Stop subscribing and being held hostage: by your past, others opinions of whats right for you and your life, challenging circumstances, societies' beliefs or other things we are feed on daily basis to buy into lack and limit. Yes, the challenges come, they will not stop. Though we all have the capacity to navigate those with grace, elegance and compassion internally and externally.

Live & Transform Intentionally With Heart & Soul

 A Loving Commitment to your Personal Greatness and

Freedom in Every Area of Your Life.


Because most people are on automatic pilot and every now and then think to themselves...what am I doing?? because most people live in suffering and are not clear why. because most people feel if they are ticking the boxes on their "to do" list and "bucket" list they are LIVING....well? ARE YOU THRIVING? In all your moments or in short bursts?


Life can end up before you know it, exhausting you, not inspiring you. You can so easily be living someone else's purpose and not your own. Do you wake up each day with PASSION in your heart and ready to get your SOUL in ACTION?


I'll be real with you: at this point you can get loads of FREE content online. SURE. However with all this access to information people are still spinning their wheels, isolated and struggling more than ever. Yet something longs inside all of us to expressed, experienced and shared. This course will give you clear tools, strategies, distinctions and understanding that you will use it in all your years to come.

Your WHY needs to be bigger than all your excuses. 

We all get to turn our magnificent mess into magic, every time.

Bisila Bokoko

Bisila Bokoko

Anastasia is very intuitive, straight forward, able to see around corners that you might ever have had the courage to see and once you take that leap of faith everything changes.The MOMENTUM program has brought me tons of changes in all the areas of my life not only professionally as it was my focus at the beginning of the program, also personally.


Vicky Hems

Anastasia is a miracle worker. She has taught me how to breathe and be present in my life again. I have tried all of the things western and eastern medicine has to offer and can honestly say Anastasia's support has been the most transformative and healing. She has taught me what deep self-nourishment feels like and the tools and practices to feel peace. She has also challenged me to make the changes necessary to living a better life and held me accountable to my goals. After many years of struggling and feeling stuck, I feel calm, confident, and excited about the future. I love the community she has introduced me to and am incredibly grateful for the group mentoring and one on one healing.


Gisela Albuquerque Weise

MOMENTUM is a truly transformational program led by the most refreshing, authentic and committed mentor one could ever ask for, Anastasia Williams. It was by far the best investment I've made in self-development and enabled me to navigate this year's challenges with more confidence and grace. But most importantly, it helped me re-align with my vision and purpose and create a platform for growth.

Create the right environment for your greatness to unfold.

Let go of programming that does not serve you, update your internal software and operating systems. This work will serve you for your entire lifetime.


Whether you’r​e​ ​working in corporate, a​ single ​parent​,​ ​someone who works a 9-5 and has b​ig​ dreams, ​or just getting started in your passion project... MOMENTUM is key in any area and stage of your life.


​MOMENTUM​ is a ​12 WEEK​ upgrade with: ​Who you're Being, How you're Being and What you're Creating on a daily basis.​ To retrain your brain​, emotions and cells of your body to LIVE ​from​ ​authentic ​love​ and joy​​ and stay in MOMENTUM.


​F​ree your​self the​ disempowering beliefs​ and habits. Align yourself with your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul, Access your Personal Freedom.


​MOMENTUM​ empowers​ you with the​ tools​,​ strategies​, truthful support​ and ​accountability ​​to thrive now.

Give yourself the permission to be your EXQUISITE Self.

Take down the hurt, the walls, the fears and the self limiting beliefs

and actions. Light a FIRE in your Soul!

Choose to Live Every Day with a Purpose and Passion

through You, just being YOU! 

Following this Transformational Journey in MOMENTUM you will​:

  • Stop letting FEAR sabotage you and your life, learn how to embrace and work with fear.

  • You will get a huge boost in your self-awareness, intuition and clarity.

  • You will raise your vibration and know how to keep it elevated.

  • You will become more responsive and less reactive.

  • You will learn how to prioritize.

  • You will have the tools and understanding with which to navigate all the transitions of life with more ease, wholeheartedness and love.

  • You will release the worry, anxiety and invite and live with JOY.

  • You will learn to lean into the difficult moments rather than pull away.

  • You will find a sweetness in all your moments and live with soul. 

  • You will get clear on what habits are not serving you and how to change them. 

  • You will experience increased energy, focus and motivation.

  • You will change your foundational habits, go deep into the places you are ignoring and hiding out and set yourself free.

  • You will experience more presence in your everyday life.

  • You will have FUN!

  • You will turn self-judgement and criticism into self-love and compassion.

  • You will step out of victim consciousness and into taking full responsibility for who you are and what you are creating/building.

  • You will unleash yourself into inspired MOMENTUM and PERSONAL FREEDOM!!!


Briony Pilkington

As a coach Anastasia intuitively knows just the right moment to request (stretch!) me to complete tasks out of my comfort zone and I'm grateful to say that with her help I have achieved in this past few weeks what I have avoided for 7 years!! I am incredibly grateful.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 4.55.10 pm.png

Jacqueline Butler

Anastasia’s knowledge and wisdom is astounding and I find her ways of thinking so uplifting and enlightening. It had most certainly opened my eyes and heart. I was hooked from my very first meeting and class with Anastasia.


Anna Hewlett

This course is so powerful. It's such a supportive, positive and practical platform to focus on self love, self awareness, self care, growth, movement and consciously shifting your mindset and your energy to attract the best to you.


  • WEEKLY WHOLENESS PRACTICE: incredible practice of movement, breath and meditation to guide and strengthen your connections to your wholeness and enliven your wellness on every level.

  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING where you learn and receive self empowerment distinctions, tools, and strategies to apply to your life to move beyond you unserving tendencies and habits and liberate yourself out of the old and into the new.

  • WEEKLY ACTION ITEMS: tasks to unfold your understanding with action to take, to embody the understandings and create long lasting healing and transformation

  • OPTIONAL: 5 Private One-on-One online Mentoring sessions where we dive deeper into your process, your vision, your longings and get you actualising.

  • COMMUNITY: the group energy is an environment. it's not the seed that determines if the tree grows it's the environment it is placed in.

  • WEEKLY Accountability check in's.

  • PRIVATE GROUP FORUM to share your discoveries and processes and learn from the group wisdom.

  • Consistent Personal and group Support

  • Daily Meditation Practice: up-level yourself every day. Release stress, stagnant energy and ignite alignment, inspiration and love in every cell of your being. 

All classes and sessions are online and are recorded if you cannot make it. With multiple re-watches available.

This is a deep dive into yourself and life. Transformation will happen in this 12 weeks. These changes will be ongoing. You will carry all the tools into every area of your life on an ongoing basis. To make this possible I will challenge you to stretch yourself beyond what feels comfortable. Though I will lovingly reflect back to you ways that you can move beyond what you know into the new experiences and choices with full support.​

OPTIONAL: the 1-1 coaching is an optional add on. See pricing options below.

This course is about your wholeness and the MOMENTUM at which you live: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is about unfolding and evolving authentically. It is about liberating yourself from the confines of low vibe thinking, feeling, comparison, insecurity and self doubt. It is about building a strong connected and expansive foundation from the inside out.

MOMENTUM is you being you.

ARE YOU READY to have more MOMENTUM vitality, clarity, passion, and fulfillment? To empower you and your life to the next level no matter who, 

what and where you are today.

It is time to START LIVING and Stop Waiting. To own your gifts and your life in an intentional way. To SHINE BRIGHT into a thriving everyday.

I am super excited to meet you, support you and watch your MOMENTUM!

This application form supports me getting to know you and you taking a look at where you are at and where you want to go. Once I receive your application form I will contact you to set up a 15min discovery call to answer any questions and discuss your readiness and commitment. I give my everything to this course, your journey and transformational process and and this process sets you up with clarity and consideration so you get the success you deserve.


I'm Anastasia Williams and I super happy to be meeting you here. I am a passionate woman, mother, teacher and mentor. My genuine commitment, authentic, brave and empowering approach to mentoring makes her a perfect person to lead and facilitate.


I weaves my 20+ years of experiences together as an effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Bringing a much needed and relevant blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences. Passionate towards the human experience, I bring a practical understanding and application towards growth, healing and success. I am incerdibly committed to bringing others back to LOVE in all our moments alongside the tools and practices to liberate them into their personal freedom.


My work has attracted media coverage in leading titles such as: Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, CosmoBody HK, AsiaSpa, Prestige Hong Kong, Sassy HK and Liv. I have also been a guest contributor on leading wellness websites and a guest speaker on popular yoga business summits and social media live interviews.

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Jules Callanan

Divine timing is how I would sum up working with Anastasia’s. An opportunity to lean into trust, vulnerability & courage. To be seen & heard, to listen, share & be supported. With powerful tools, provoking exercises, enlightening content and Anastasia’s truthful, unwavering love & support, a real healing begins to take place. With literally no where to hide, we come out of a separation & dream-like state. Recognising old habits & stories that limit us, we begin to take committed action towards embodying new habits,  aligning us with our truth & potential. I would recommend this program / working with Anastasia to anyone who wants to take profound responsibility for their life.. it’s that simple! 


Vicki Williams

I loved this course so much and experienced many life changing moments during this time that I went on to do the 2nd round! I highly recommend working with Anastasia to anyone who wants to change their life in a positive and long lasting way. The positive shifts will be different for everyone, part of the beauty of the course. I set goals at the start and surpassed them all and have re-ignited my inspiration towards my career. Throughout the course Anastasia and I came up with goals in doable chunks so that there was constant progress. I am desk bound most days, so moving my body during the yoga portion awakened clarity and goodness mentally, physically and spiritually.


Victoria Marriott

I instantly started to experience remarkable effects when practicing with Anastasia that lead me to her one on one mentoring program. I have worked through a lot of emotional blockages that were holding me back in all areas of my life and I feel so much stronger and focused in where I'm going in life. Anastasia has been instrumental in getting me through a lot of obstacles this year and I am incredibly gratefulfor having met her and being able to work with her. I will continue to work with Anastasia through her online mentoring.

Ready to kick of your Transformative and Liberating Journey?

Join us! Register right now for the MOMENTUM Course.

One-Time Investment

with 1-1 Mentoring


$1197 AUD

 3 Payment Plan 

with 1-1 Mentoring


$447 (x3)

One-Time Investment

without 1-1 Mentoring


$697 AUD

 3 Payment Plan 

without 1-1 Mentoring


$287 AUD

Gabrielle Wakeman

Clarity, connection and a new way of being births after working with Anastasia. Highly recommend for anyone ready to leap from caterpillar to butterfly. 


Catherine Henry

Being a part of the Momentum provided me with the opportunity to meet a wonderful group who have shared their knowledge and experiences openly and have accepted me with no judgement. It really is a safe place where you can share ideas, struggles and learn so much from other people’s experiences. Anastasia has been a wonderful mentor and has talked me through some really difficult times and provided me with tools to help work through situations, both mentally and physically when I have really needed guidance. 

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Live with loving MOMENTUM.
The Time Is NOW. Chose you.
Be LOVE. Give Love. Live LOVE.


For all your questions on anything to do with MOMENTUM click above on the

APPLY NOW button and send them through!!

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