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This is AWESOME: The Creative Process

Every moment of life is a creative process. Some more involved than others. It is easy to start towards something with the creative inspired "THIS IS AWESOME"... that is the natural reaction to inspired space and process. If we did not feel this we would never do anything.

Once we start on the path to creating our something, and when it has a lot of value and meaning to us, it is bound to hit a point that you are not sure exactly where or what you are navigating. "THIS IS TRICKY" stage can't see it coming, the timing of this stage will not be determinable and the length of this stage is also not written. The key in this stage is to stay aware...this is when your body of pain: self doubt, fear, anxiety, sabotage, anger, frustration etc start rearing their voices. They start to try and de-rail you...with the "THIS IS SHIT... I AM SHIT" self talk and if your on a real roll you'll be saying out loud to others and you'll start behaving with this attitude.

key here is to BREATHE...slowly lovingly and simply... witness this process, be gentle but firm with this kind of voice, ignoring not will simply get louder and act more obnoxious. Allow yourself to feel your emotions but not over indulge them. Witness what the context of your hurt, fears or stories you may be making up in your head and how they are fed by other fears or possibly past challenging experiences. Unravel the build up, bring it out of the subconscious and into the light and you will automatically start to take the inner charge/heat down a few notches.

Note: There are many layers to our process, each day we are working on various goals of varied demands. They do influence each other, thus it is vital to be aware that a fear or concern from one goal may be influencing the outcome or perception of another.

Over time with this process you will dis-arm your triggers and patterns. Again this can take a few minutes to a few hours to several days. Be patient.... have tools that you can support yourself with: go for a run, take a yoga class, journal, listen to music, take a bath, meditate, cook, garden, hike, watch a movie...Change your space, give yourself space to process. This doesn't mean you need to stop, throw all prior efforts away and freak out on yourself. Take your time, each time is different.

Once you've ridden this wave back to shore you will find yourself coming to the "THIS MIGHT BE OK " phase....feeling a sense of gratitude, this is the re-build to where you started to connect with your original inspired space. You feel the love for the original idea again. You realize in your shaky moment there is a gold lining giving you deep wisdom and stronger skills to actualize your creative goal/idea. Your self worth will have increased, your commitment will be stronger and you will have more clarity on direction.

From here we enter back into the "THIS IS AWESOME" stage and this will propel you with the purpose, positivity and conviction that is needed to manifest anything in life. Every brilliant goal comes with sacrifice. Whenever you heart is truly invested in the in your goal you will go through this process, for the every simple reason YOU CARE.

CARING is one of the most valuable experiences in life. Don't stop caring. Harness you instrument, learn the process and be flexible in the journey. We will all fall, more than once (hopefully). As every time we fall we get to rise even stronger, renewed and wiser.

Be grateful for it all, it is all golden. Not necessarily always comfortable. Smile and laugh at the absurdity in it all, before it is hindsight. With this you will invite grace.


What stage are you in today?

Where are you in your creative process?

Let me know in the comments below.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones.

You never know who may be in the "THIS IS SHIT ~ I AM SHIT" phase :)

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT Anastasia

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